About 250 indigenous people from Ceará participate in the

Since August 22, indigenous peoples of different ethnic groups from all over Brazil have been participating in the Fight for Life Camp, set up on the Esplanada dos Ministérios. Ezequiel Nascimento de Castro, an indigenous Tremembé da Barra do Mundaú, in Itapipoca (CE), is an indigenous teacher and member of the Ceará Indigenous Youth Commission (Cojice) says that this year, the event gains even more importance, as it happens in the middle to a series of projects that can have dramatic impacts on indigenous peoples and communities.

“We are working together to build the camp even outside the period we usually do, and it is important that we manage to do it now, especially during the Bolsonaro government, which has been showing itself as a government totally against indigenous peoples, such as with the approval of the PL 490, about the time frame”, says Ezequiel.

:: Indigenous camp begins in Brasilia, which will keep a vigil during voting on the time frame ::

This year, Ezequiel informs that the indigenous people will go to Brasília not only to say that they are against all these setbacks, but to reaffirm their struggles in each territory, in each indigenous land, in each municipality. “Saying we’re here and we’re going to stay here resisting, and saying no less rights, no less inch of land and no more blood drop.”

More than 6,000 indigenous people protested on Wednesday (25) against the time frame in Brasília / José Cruz

::Timeframe goes to the full of the STF and defines demarcation: what to expect from the judgment?::

The indigenous communicator, Luan Castro Tremembé is one of the participants in the meeting. According to him, 14 ethnic groups from Ceará are present at the Fight for Life Camp, as it is being called this year. Approximately 250 indigenous people are part of the Ceará delegation that is present at the camp this year.

Exceptionally today (25), Luan explains that the atmosphere in the camp is tense due to the vote on Bill 490 and the time frame, which takes place today at the Supreme Court. “Everyone’s, let’s say, scared, but at the same time we’re scared, we’re confident, you know? Confident in the enchanted ones, that we know that they are the ones who will guide, that if it is to be, it will be and anyway we will be resisting, we will not give up”.

::STF judgment on the time frame is a crucial point in the struggle for the lives of indigenous peoples::

But at the same time that all this happens, this whole process of fear, of apprehension, Luan explains the meeting with representation of all peoples of Brazil, from different ethnic groups, has been very empowering. “Participating in the rituals of each people, getting to know the reality of each people has been amazing, but we also go through numerous difficulties here, from the logistics of coming here, to get buses, to get food, to our stay here, which is in camp”.

In Brasília, indigenous people illuminate the Praça dos Três Poderes against the time frame on Tuesday (25) / Apib

About the meeting, Luan says that all expectations for this meeting have already been surpassed. According to him, an audience of 5,000 indigenous people was expected, and that number has already reached nearly 8,000. “Our goal here is to remind people that Brazil is an indigenous land. Asking for the demarcation of our territories, and this year, the camp comes very loudly with the cry against Bill 490, which is a bill that amends the Brazilian Constitution and represents a major setback for our struggles. And also against the time frame. So our goal is to make that cry. To say our ‘no’ for this project not to be approved today”.

:: More than 6,000 indigenous people occupied Praça dos Três Poderes in opposition to the time frame ::

The Fight for Life Camp takes place from August 22nd to 28th, in Brasília. The complete program can be seen on the Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (APIB) website.

Source: BoF Ceará

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