Accused of femicide in shopping in Niterói (RJ) goes to jury

The 3rd Criminal Court of Niterói (RJ) decided that Matheus dos Santos da Silva will be submitted to a popular jury for the crime of femicide against Vitórya Melissa Mota, stabbed to death on June 2, aged 22, in the Plaza Shopping food court , in Niterói, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio.

The indictment sentence was handed down by judge Nearis dos Santos Arce at the end of the investigation and trial hearing held last Monday (2).

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Matheus and Vitórya attended the same class of a technical nursing course at Senac, in the Center of Niterói. According to testimonies from friends in Vitória’s class, Matheus “nourished an unrequited love” for the young woman.

In the decision, the judge pointed out the crime of femicide and determined that the defendant remains in prison as a guarantee of public order. According to her, the criminal’s freedom “attacks public order, in addition to the possibility that the application of criminal law may be threatened”.

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During the hearing, seven witnesses listed by the Public Ministry of Rio gave testimony, and another six, appointed by the defendant’s defense, in addition to Márcia Maria Mota, Vitórya’s mother, as a witness at the court.

Guided by his lawyers, Matheus exercised his constitutional right to remain silent when being questioned. After the indictment sentence was announced, the Public Ministry and the defendant’s defense informed that they will not appeal the decision.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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