Action subsidizes the sale of gas cylinders at R$ 60, in Belém,

This Thursday (2), the Petrobrás Social Observatory (OSP) and the National Federation of Oil Workers (FNP) subsidized the sale of 100 bottles of cooking gas for R$ 60 in the district of Icoaraci, in Belém, Pará. The target audience served – with exclusivity – were the families served by the social programs Bora Belém, Renda Pará and Bolsa Família, with the presentation of the card, limited to one unit per beneficiary family.

The “National Day of Gas at a Fair Price” took place this morning also in peripheral neighborhoods of the cities of São José dos Campos, Santos and São Sebastião and in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

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The solidarity action was promoted by the Union of Oil Workers of Pará, Amazonas, Maranhão and Amapá and is part of the “Petrobrás para os Brasileiros” campaign and wants to show the population that without the PPI (Import Parity Price), the pricing policy is imposed by the Bolsonaro government for Petrobras is responsible for the rise in fuel prices, cooking gas could cost up to 40% cheaper.

Fair price

The price of R$60 at which the gas was sold was calculated based on a survey by the Brazilian Institute of Political and Social Studies (Ibeps) produced for the Observatory. This number is the result of an analysis of Petrobras’ cost structure, eliminating the PPI.

On August 29, President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) defended – in one of his lives – a controversial solution to the consecutive increase in cooking gas in Brazil.

The Chief Executive urged consumers to buy the product directly from distributors, eliminating the state’s ICMS rate.

“How I would like each governor to zero the state’s ICMS. Create a gas voucher. If you reset the ICMS, it will be excellent. Soon we could deal with the direct sale of the cylinder, like ethanol. You can take your little truck in your community and buy 100 cylinders. The freight for the little truck each would pay at the condominium. The profit margin would be zero for whoever is going to deliver, as it is a community work”, said Bolsonaro.

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However, the model currently used since 2016 is the PPI, which defines the amounts charged for fuel in its refineries. Although around 80% of oil derivatives are produced in Brazil, the PPI follows the international market and is mainly based on variations in the dollar and on the prices of a barrel of oil.

With this, the Brazilian consumer pays import value on a national product. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro has put up for sale eight refineries, which have been operating at 75% of the load.

“With the action of the fair price of gas, we want to help needy families and dialogue with the population about the PPI. Contrary to the presidential speech, state taxes are not the main responsible for the abusive prices charged today in Brazil, because their rates have remained fixed in the last period. However, Bolsonaro prefers to enrich the company’s large private shareholders, who currently hold most of Petrobras’ shares”, says the secretary general of the FNP, Adaedson Costa.

During the solidarity action, printed materials will be distributed with explanations about the federal government’s price policy for cooking gas, which has already increased by 38% this year alone.

“We also want, with activities like this, to form popular committees in defense of a 100% state-owned Petrobrás at the service of the Brazilian people”, says the leader.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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