After 200 cases of covid-19 in one week, China makes 9

China suspended all flights from Nanjing airport until Aug. 11 to control the rise in covid-19 cases. Three rounds of nucleic acid tests were also carried out on more than 9 million inhabitants of the city to control the outbreak made worse by the delta variant and its greater transmissibility.

The outbreak is considered to be one of the worst since the first in Wuhan in early 2020. In the last week, more than 200 cases were registered in China. In the capital Beijing, which had had no reported infections for nearly six months, the new coronavirus was found again.

The city of Nanjing, the gateway to the east, is considered to be the center of the new wave of contagion, and Chinese officials say the focus has spread to fourteen provinces and twenty-eight cities across the country. Measures of social distancing and contact tracking were also applied in other parts of China.

How is the pandemic in other Asian countries

In Indonesia, covid-19 has already caused over 94,000 deaths and infected 3.4 million people. The country has one of the highest child fatality rates of the pandemic in the world, with more than 800 children dead.

:: Brazil surpasses 556 thousand deaths by covid-19 with 910 deaths in the last 24 hours ::

In Myanmar, the delta variant advances and the country registers around 6,000 infections and more than 300 deaths a day. The situation is worsened by the lack of supplies and the strike of health professionals, who are protesting against the military coup that implemented the government of a military junta.

In Thailand, one of the cargo terminal depots at Bangkok International Airport was transformed into a field hospital to serve the growing number of patients. With about 5% of its population fully immunized, the country extended social distancing measures until the end of August,

Edition: Arturo Hartmann and Thales Schmidt

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