After 6 days of strike against apps, iFood gives in and motoboys

Motoboys who work by application in São José dos Campos (SP) resumed activities this Friday (17) after six days of strike against the platforms. The truce was decided collectively, in the face of a positive response from the industry leader iFood.

According to the organizers, iFood promised to keep a promotion of R$ 3 for motoboys in the city until the next 28th. On that day, the company scheduled a meeting with the movement’s organizers and signaled that it is willing to readjust the rates.

In addition to the readjustment in the amount paid per kilometer or per delivery, the demands of the strike include the end of undue roadblocks, the requirement for a confirmation code on deliveries and better rest spots in the city.

The motorcycle courier Altemício Nascimento, from São Paulo (SP), participated in the negotiation.

“The pressure is paying off. Promotion will arrive in the city. On the 28th, they will change the rates and take the three orders. Because the three requests fell directly on the ‘motoca’ screen. If this is maintained, they promised to pay the real amount”, he says.

“Today, the guy makes two free orders for iFood. There’s no way.”

In addition to the signs from iFood, one of the reasons for resuming work this Friday (17) is not to harm the city’s bars and restaurants – which, in general, supported the movement.

São José dos Campos has 3,000 registered motorcycle couriers. The strike was not called by unions or associations, but by self-employed workers who joined a national strike on September 11 and continued to mobilize.

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The main channel for disseminating the actions of mobilized workers is the profile @tretanotramp, on twitter.

There is no confirmation of the official number of motorcycle couriers on strike in the city. However, images of online conversations between restaurants and apps show that the city’s delivery network has been affected.

To remain paralyzed by the lack of responses from the applications, the strikers ask for contributions from supporters. They released a PIX to receive financial aid and also accept food and beverage donations.

“The demonstration was well done, well planned, without violence”, emphasizes Altemício Nascimento.

“It’s not that the strike is over. We will give a truce. iFood sent a promotion, and we’ll see on the 28th if they do it all. If not, the guys will stop again. And they’re going to start a national strike.”

This was the longest category outage in the country against delivery apps.

The movement takes place in a context of rising fuel prices and the cost of living in Brazil, without proportional adjustment by the technology companies that control the delivery sector.

Other side

O Brazil in fact contacted iFood, but did not get back to confirm the information.

The article received a note about the strike, sent by the Brazilian Association of Mobility and Technology (Amobitec), which brings together nine applications: FlixBus, Ifood, Quicko, Uber, Buser, UberEats, ZéDelivery, 99 and 99Foods.

Check it out in full:

“Amobitec reinforces that, despite the current economic instability in the country, there was no reduction in the remuneration rates of partners. In addition to this, several measures adopted by the platforms to help reduce partners’ costs, such as agreements with gas stations – which offer discounts on vehicle refueling – and partnerships with companies to offer special prices on parts, accessories and maintenance.

Amobitec members have also implemented, since the beginning of the pandemic, several actions to support professionals, such as free distribution or reimbursement for the purchase of hygiene and cleaning equipment and materials, and the creation of funds totaling more than R$ 200 million for the payment of financial aid for partners diagnosed with covid-19 or in at-risk groups. Since March 2020, more than 4 million protective items such as masks and alcohol gel have been distributed or reimbursed to partners registered on the platforms.

In addition, it should be noted that the blocking of couriers on platforms is only done when repeated violations of the application’s Terms of Use are identified and that companies have no interest in having their partners blocked.

The companies associated with Amobitec are open to dialogue and work to help the drivers and delivery partners to generate income, investing in technology and support to improve everyone’s experience on the platforms.”

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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