After accusation of involvement in the murder of

Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, dismissed the prosecutor who asked for an investigation into his possible role in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The prosecutor had also issued an alert to prevent him from leaving the country.

In the letter in which he removes Bel-Ford Claude from his duties, the prime minister claims that the prosecutor committed a “serious administrative misconduct”, although he does not detail what that infraction would be. Henry later declared that the “true guilty” of the murder will be found by justice and “punished for their crime.”

Claude used as an argument for the prime minister’s investigation alleged links between Henry and Joseph Felix Badio, accused of being one of the intellectual authors of the crime, on the day of Moise’s murder. Haitian authorities arrested 18 Colombians for alleged participation in the crime, in addition to 12 members of the president’s security forces who did not defend Moise. The case is under the direction of investigating judge Garry Orélien.

:: Contract signed by Braga Netto with suspected of killing Haitian president is investigated ::

After Claude’s removal, the secretary of the Council of Ministers, Renald Lubérice, asked to leave the government and cited the prosecutor’s accusation. “I would not know how to be under the direction of a person named by Jovenel Moïse, accused of his murder, who does not understand how to cooperate with justice and seeks, on the contrary, by all means, to obstruct it,” said Lubérice.

Haiti’s social movements question the legitimacy of Henry’s mandate and point to a scenario of economic crisis, increased crime in a country still hit hard by an earthquake that damaged hundreds of thousands of buildings and caused 1,914 deaths.

After an agreement between the prime minister and the opposition, Haiti’s elections were postponed until the end of 2022.

*With information from Telesur.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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