After acquittal in the case of Atibaia, Lula continues in a motorcade

On a weekend marked by Lula’s acquittal in the case of the Atibaia farm, the former president met with masters of popular culture from Ceará. The meeting is part of the PT’s program of visits to the Northeastern states.

During the weekend, the former president visited the Pecém Port Complex, located in São Gonçalo do Amarante, followed by a press conference at the port, and in the afternoon he had meetings with political leaders and popular movements to evaluate the situation and the challenges of the state.

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After five years since his last visit to Ceará, former president Lula arrived in the state of Ceará in the late afternoon of Friday (20), soon after meeting schedules in other states in the Northeast, respectively Pernambuco, Piauí and Maranhão . In addition to these states, from here the former president should head to Rio Grande do Norte and should finish his tour of the Northeast in the state of Bahia.

Starting his agenda in the state, still on Friday night (20), the former president met for a dinner with Governor Camilo Santana, and with limited access only to guests and other political leaders. On Saturday (21) in the morning, former President Lula visited the Pecém Port Complex, in São Gonçalo do Amarante, alongside Governor Camilo Santana and Ceará’s Workers’ Party leaders. And then, he was present at a press conference at the Export Processing Zone of Ceará – ZPE II, which is located within the facilities of the port complex.

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In the afternoon, former president Lula met with popular movements and cultural professionals, to assess the regional situation and the challenges of the progressive countryside in Ceará, the meeting took place at a hotel in the capital of Ceará. The meeting began with a healing ritual for the Jenipapo-kanindé indigenous people, carried out by Cacique Pequena, the first female chief in Brazil. Soon after, there were presentations of popular culture from Ceará, such as capoeira, coco, maracatu, among others. The masters of culture from Ceará were also present at the meeting and delivered souvenirs to Lula. The singer and composer from Ceará, Ednardo took the stage and compared Lula’s arrest and release with one of his greatest hits, “Pavão Mysterioso”. And ended by saying that like a phoenix, Lula is back.

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On Sunday (22), the former president had no agenda to fulfill and on Monday (23), the former president had political meetings with the PT and other political parties, as well as a meeting with the former senator and former Minister Eunício Oliveira (MDB).

Source: BoF Ceará

Edition: Monyse Ravenna

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