After intense dispute, administrative reform passes in

After more than seven hours of discussion and dispute, the administrative reform was approved, this Thursday afternoon (23), in the special commission that discusses the matter in the Chamber of Deputies. This is the second political test that passes the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) 32/2020, which had a score of 28 votes in favor and 18 votes against.

Previously, in May of this year, the text had received approval from the Committee on Constitution and Justice of the House (CCJ). Parliamentarians still vote on the highlights (change suggestions) and therefore can change specific points of the measure.

The PSL, PL, PP, PSD, MDB, DEM, PSC, PTB, Pros, Citizenship, Novo and Republican parties, which identify with Bolsonaro’s neoliberal agenda, guided their deputies to endorse the PEC.

PT, PSB, PDT Psol, PCdoB, PV, Rede e Solidariedade closed an issue against the proposal and asked their supporters to reject the measure.

In practice, the text approved by the collegiate is the opinion of the rapporteur, Deputy Arthur Maia (DEM-BA), which received a total of seven versions, given the fierce dispute over the topic.

Considered strongly unpopular, the PEC is attacked by civil segments that bring together civil servants, specialists and opposition parliamentarians.

When the special commission concludes voting on the highlights, the text will go on to be evaluated by the plenary, which could take place from this Friday (24), according to the government’s objective.

From the point of view of content, the PEC 32 ends a series of guarantees from the civil service and affects employees of the Three Powers and the three federal levels – municipal, state and federal. It excludes, however, the careers of prosecutor and prosecutor of the Public Ministry and magistrates.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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