After reporting by the BoF, the deputy filed a request for

The PSOL, through its leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Talíria Petrone (PSOL-MG), filed, last Monday (13), a request for information so that the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, explain the political use of the Brazil Communication Company (EBC).

Petrone’s request is based on a complaint, published on August 28 this year by Brazil in fact. According to the text, the EBC has been pressuring the company’s journalists to intensify the daily production of positive content under the management of Colonel Ricardo Mello Araújo, former commander of Rota, ahead of Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo ( Ceagesp).

“This Request for Information is intended to question the misuse of programming by EBC broadcasters, in evident disregard for constitutional principles”, explains the text.

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For Talíria Petrone, “the accusations of early campaigning are very serious and are added to the unacceptable episodes of censorship of journalists already denounced. Since Bolsonaro’s inauguration, there have been at least 138 episodes of censorship. Urgent agendas for the people, such as hunger, unemployment, deforestation in the Amazon and cuts in Education, stopped appearing on TV Brasil. Coup and dictatorship are words that were banned in articles about the military period. Fábio Farias has to explain this use, which is illegal”

The congressman recalls that, with the drop in popularity of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), the company became a space to try to leverage the image of the federal government.

“What is happening with public communication is very serious. The dismantling of the EBC, the pressure on its workers, the equipping of the company by the Bolsonaro government, all of this is part of a policy of attacking democracy”, concludes Petrone.

The request for information is yet to be analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies, and the report on the Board of Directors of the House is Federal Deputy Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM).


O Brazil in fact had access to messages in the Whatsapp group of journalists from the state-owned company, where workers are pressured by management. In one excerpt, a person from the company’s management passes on a message from the president of EBC, publicist Glen Lopes Valente.

“Glen wants me to do as much of Ceagesp’s story as possible. Message from him”, says the first message. “Today’s priority, starting in São Paulo”, complements the direction. In the first eight months of 2021, EBC produced 23 reports about the São Paulo Entrepostos Center.

EBC and Ceagesp are state-owned by the federal government. More than that, they are neighbors in the Vila Leopoldina neighborhood, on the west side of São Paulo. According to the complaints that reached the Brazil in fact, it is common for journalists to go out to record notes at the site.

“There is discomfort among EBC colleagues in this extensive coverage of Ceagesp, because it is clear that it is a form of instrumentalization of the EBC to promote the management of the warehouse, and the figure of the former military policeman who is in charge of the company”, he denounces one of the state’s journalists, who asked not to be identified.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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