After suffering an attack, occupation conquers land to

This Wednesday morning (28), the Landless Workers and Rural Workers Movement (MS) announced a conquest for more than 200 families from the Nelson Mandela camp, on the border between the cities of Recife and Jaboatão dos Guararapes: the conquest of two lands adjacent to the buildings that the families occupied will be used for the construction of affordable housing in a residential complex in the neighborhood of Jordão

The agreement was made during the meeting that took place with the presence of representatives of the Government of Pernambuco, the State Housing and Works Company (CEHAB ) and the mandate of state deputy João Paulo.

For José Severino da Silva, MST leader in the metropolitan region, the negotiation is an achievement after the events of the 18th. “We don’t get expelled, as some militiamen wanted. For the movement and for the families it is a great victory. At the moment we live, make an agreement and leave with the land to build housing, this is victory”, he says.

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On the night of July 18, the families were surprised by the arrival of four armed men during the night, who assaulted and held one militant hostage and shot another in the head.

Ten days after the incident, the atmosphere is one of conquest in the camp after the negotiation and the good recovery of the gunshot militant, who has already been discharged and continues to take care at home.

In the space where the occupation is located, which has existed for a little over a month, the provisional structure is already being organized, as Severino explains: “This was the great achievement after Nelson Mandela’s struggle. The camp resists and remains in place indefinitely.”

“The idea is to build affordable housing, but for now we are organizing the canvas shacks, leaving streets, making a community garden, the plenary site, collective kitchen and space for the landless,” he explained.

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In a note posted on the networks, the movement states that a term of commitment was made between the State Housing and Works Company (Cehab) and the MST immediately guaranteeing two plots of land for the construction of low-income housing, where the cleaning of the site is in charge of the The company and the structure and planning of the new housing project will be the responsibility of the MST.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Rebeca Cavalcante and Monyse Ravena

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