After the holiday, deputies of RJ articulated a new

Congressman Marcelo Freixo (PSB-RJ) said on Wednesday (8) that the opposition will put pressure on the president of the Federal Chamber, Congressman Arthur Lira (DEM), to authorize the opening of a request for impeachment against President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) for unconstitutional declarations on the 7th of September holiday.

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Last Tuesday (7), Bolsonaro participated in coup acts in the Federal District and in São Paulo and declared that he will not respect any further determinations coming from the Supreme Federal Court (STF), the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who in recent days has taken decisions contrary to the federal government.

Leader of the opposition in the Chamber, Deputy Alessandro Molon (PSB-RJ) said, through a statement, that he is in dialogue with parties from different political fields to advance the impeachment.

“Bolsonaro’s attacks and threats against democracy have crossed all boundaries, and we have a duty to remove him from office,” said the congressman.

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The group Direitos Já, which brings together at least seven parties from the center-left to the center-right, will also meet with the leaders of acronyms such as the PT and the PSDB to decide what strategies will be taken in the coming days in order to pressure institutions to act to contain Bolsonaro.

On Tuesday night, right after Bolsonaro’s statements, the president of the PSDB, Bruno Araújo, called an extraordinary meeting of the party’s Executive on Wednesday (8) to discuss the impeachment. Toucans were in favor of Palácio do Planalto in 84% of the votes in the Chamber of Deputies.

Also yesterday (7), hours after the acts, the vice-president of the Chamber, deputy Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM), said on social networks that the opening of an impediment process against the president of the Republic became “inevitable”.

“I have no doubt that any act of violence against Congress or the STF in an act that had the participation of the President of the Republic will make the opening of the impeachment process inevitable,” said Ramos.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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