Against the privatization of Carris in RS, workers carry out

In the fight against the privatization of the public transport company Carris in Porto Alegre, around 200 workers began a mobilization in front of the company’s garage, in the Partenon neighborhood. The stoppage began around 2am this Monday (23).

The country’s oldest public transport company is at risk of privatization. The mayor of Porto Alegre, Sebastião Melo (MDB), sent the Carris privatization project to the City Council, as well as the gradual reduction of drivers and collectors. Approved by the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) of the Chamber, on August 18, the proposal goes to a plenary vote, which may happen in the next sessions of the municipal legislature.

::Carris: oldest public transport company in the country at risk of privatization::

“The stoppage took place due to the fact that the privatization project of Carris entered into an emergency regime and had the possibility of being voted on today. That’s why we’re paralyzed. Not long ago, we had a meeting with Carris’ management, in which a dialogue with the mayor was proposed”, points out one of the company’s employee representatives, Rosângela Machado, the company’s collector for 17 years.

According to Rosângela, the employees decided, in a vote this morning, to maintain the strike until the mayor goes to the company to talk or withdraw from the agenda the privatization projects and the extinction of collectors.

Work stoppage started at 2 am this Monday (23) / Photo: Disclosure

Melo suggests “military intervention” at Carris

According to the city hall, due to the stoppage, private companies were called in to cover the itineraries. With the use of 59 vehicles, all Carris lines are circulating. T11 and T12 are served by Consórcio Viva Sul; T1 and T4 by the Mob Consortium; T6 and 343 by the Via Leste/Mais Consortium; and the others by Carris itself, by vehicles that left the garage.

:: Melo presents a project that authorizes the privatization or extinction of Carris ::

Through the social network, Mayor Sebastião Mello criticized the employees’ strike, claiming that it happens at an inopportune moment. “It happens precisely at the moment when the city is seeking to return to normality. There are still many unemployed people and those who have their wages on time, at the expense of the public purse, fold their arms. It has already been oriented to cut the point and the salary”, he posted on his Twitter account.

In an interview with Rádio Gaúcha, the mayor said that he can deal with the situation of the strike through a decree requiring a driver. He even suggested a “military intervention” at Carris. “I’m going to talk to the Army commander also to see the possibility of having drivers from the Brazilian Army and from the Military Brigade itself, I’m going to talk to the governor as well,” he said.

Currently, Carris is responsible for 24 lines in the state capital. Of these, 17 are transverse, 4 are circular and 3 are radial. From the fleet of 347 vehicles, of which 315 are in operation and 32 are reserve. Of the total collectives, 89% have accessibility and 82% are equipped with air conditioning.

Worker registers assembly of road workers on Monday morning

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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