Alerj approves additional gas voucher to Supera RJ and text follows

The emergency aid granted by the Supera RJ program can count on an additional exclusive quota for the purchase of gas cylinders (LPG). This is what the bill 4.389/21 proposes, which was approved, in a single discussion, by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) last Wednesday (4). The measure was originally authored by deputy André Ceciliano (PT), president of Alerj and author of the program. The text will go to Governor Cláudio Castro (PL), who has up to 15 working days to sanction or veto it.

O Brazil in fact reported in June Ceciliano’s proposal to add the gas valley to emergency aid provided by the government of the state of Rio. economic and health crisis that impacts the country. The idea is to grant a supplement that can range from R$ 50.00 to R$ 80.00. The measure complements the aid of up to R$300.

“The increase in cooking gas prices is a result of the price policy practiced by Petrobrás and the increase in the dollar, leading families to use other sources of energy, such as firewood and wood scraps that, in addition to pollutants, further degrade the nature. This measure is especially important for families living in poverty, who need to choose between buying a canister of gas or food”, justified the deputy.

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The Supera RJ started being paid in early June and is expected to serve 355 thousand families, around 1.4 million people. The state invests R$86 million in the program every month. Recently, the Legislative Assembly approved the retroactive payment of two installments of emergency aid, referring to the months of April and May. The program also serves micro and small entrepreneurs and self-employed with a credit line of up to R$ 50 thousand, granted through the Development Agency of the State of Rio (AgeRio).

The following parliamentarians also sign the text as co-authors: Luiz Paulo (Citizenship), Lucinha (PSDB), Eliomar Coelho (PSol), Waldeck Carneiro (PT), Renata Souza (PSol), Dani Monteiro (PSol), Rubens Bomtempo (PSB) , Martha Rocha (PDT), Tia Ju (REP), Célia Jordão (Patriota), Eurico Júnior (PV), Rosenverg Reis (MDB), Alana Passos (PSL), Giovani Ratinho (PROS), Mônica Francisco (PSol), Flávio Serafini (PSol), Samuel Malafaia (DEM), Carlos Minc (PSB) and Danniel Librelon (REP).

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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