Antibomb Squadron enters the search for the perpetrator of the attack on the

The Civil Police are looking for the man who threw a bomb at the headquarters of the Chinese consulate in Rio de Janeiro. The attack took place on the night of Thursday (16) and was recorded by security cameras at the consulate.

The man, wearing a dark sports coat, wearing a black mask and cap, is walking along the sidewalk in front of the diplomatic representation, which is in the Botafogo neighborhood, in the southern part of the city. Quickly, he lights the artifact and throws it over the wall. Then he runs away and the bomb explodes.

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The occurrence is under the responsibility of the 10th Police Station (Botafogo), even though it was initially presented to the Federal Police.

“Forensic examinations were carried out by the Carlos Éboli Criminalistics Institute (ICCE) and by the Bomb Squad. Agents requested and analyzed images from surveillance cameras that recorded the action to identify the perpetrator. Witnesses are being heard. Investigations are ongoing,” he said , in a note, the Civil Police.At the site, fragments of the bomb were collected.

The consulate and embassy of China were approached to comment on the attack, but have not yet expressed themselves.

* With information from Agência Brasil

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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