App deliverers from Uberlândia (MG) carry out strike

In Uberlândia, in the Triângulo Mineiro region, app deliverers performed a five-day stoppage last week. They demanded better working conditions from the operators, such as an increase in the delivery fee paid to deliverymen and an end to undue blockages, a fact that occurred with one of the deliverymen who was building the strike.

The delivery man, known as Leandro Amaral, points out that the fight of delivery people is old and, this time, there was a greater mobilization, with the adhesion of about 400 delivery people, to make some accredited restaurants also join the strike.

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In order to reduce the undue blocking, carried out by the company Ifood, the couriers claim that the request for codes at the time of delivery be made in all orders, which has not happened yet.

Improper blocks often occur when the customer receives the order and claims that he did not receive it. Ifood then blocks the driver. After blocking, the blocked worker does not have a right of reply and may lose his source of income. The delivery person can also be penalized temporarily or even be disconnected from the application.

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Another demand is that Ifood’s minimum delivery fee, of R$5.31, be readjusted to R$7.50, considering that there have been successive increases in fuel prices. The couriers also talked about the order picking time being too short, five to seven minutes, making the couriers take risks in transit.

Another point raised is the lack of face-to-face support, with which delivery people can talk. Workers do not have any space to charge their cell phones, have a drink of water, go to the bathroom or even ask questions.

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“We need more effective support and some means for us to be able to talk to Ifood, because we don’t have it. And, unfortunately, he can’t talk, a motorcycle courier gets injured and we can’t get the life insurance, which the company so promises, because we can’t talk to them beyond the email”, complains Leandro.

The workers had a meeting with a company representative, who promised a face-to-face meeting with the deliverers in September. The delivery person who had been improperly blocked was able to return to the app, his main source of income. “We are all fathers of families, we all have bills to pay, we are all in a tight spot, but we cannot let these companies abuse us”, says the worker.

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O Brazil in fact contacted the company mentioned to seek more information, but until the closing of this article, there has been no return.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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