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The Brumadinho Social Observatory (OSB) launched on the 19th the campaign “Make your demand reach the public authorities”.

The campaign aims to improve cooperation between civil society and government in order to resolve collective issues in the city, in addition to engaging people collectively. According to Leice Garcia, president of the Observatory’s Administrative Council, “by structuring a campaign that connects, directly via cell phone, the demand of citizens with the government, we can increase social participation at the local level”.

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For that, we intend to use an application developed by the University of the State of Santa Catarina (UDESC) in partnership with the University of Bologna (UNIBO), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), with the support of CAPES, FAPESC and companies in the hub of Florianópolis.

In Brumadinho, the project began in February this year, as a result of a partnership signed between the OSB, UDESC, PUC MG and UEMG. Garcia says that the Observatory has the expectation, among others, that “the application will help to minimize public transport and urban mobility problems that are very serious in the city. Also public safety, which is another very problematic issue”.

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Access the app

The application, called ParticpACT, is available on Google Play, for Android phones, and on the APP Store, for IOS-enabled phones.

The Observatory dialogued with the city’s City Hall to think about procedures that contribute to the dialogue between the population and the government.

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Leice Garcia states that “one of the central points for the Observatory is to define with the public authorities a flow of information that makes it possible to respond quickly to the demands made by the Public Authorities. Demand cannot stay in the “clouds”. In fact, it has to quickly reach the sector that takes care of the problem that is the object of the citizen’s alert”.

Campaign is concerned with those affected by the dam failure

Another concern of the campaign is related to social and environmental regeneration actions and projects in the city. Leice Garcia emphasizes that “we cannot forget the tragedy-crime of Brumadinho. We will certainly find a way to integrate this challenge into the campaign.”

Next steps

Initially, the campaign has prioritized the dissemination of the application to the population and obtaining testimonials about the issues faced in the city. Subsequently, the bet will be on the development of specific campaigns and on “crossing city databases, such as electricity consumption, garbage production, vehicle traffic, traffic accidents, urban violence, among others, thus generating a mapping of demands to be dealt with by the government”.

On Youtube you can find the campaign launch meeting.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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