Article | It’s time to save the Post

The losses and losses that the neoliberal project and the privatizations proposed by the Bolsonaro government presented to the people and to Brazil are devastating. In the scenario of malice towards workers, the federal government sent Bill 591/21 on the entry of the private sector into postal services. They have been trying for a long time to dismantle the 300-year-old Brazilian Postal and Telegraph Company (ECT).

This time, the project is making great strides in Congress and shows the scandalous face of the government that intends, soon, to sell 100% of the state-owned company. All rational elements point to the importance of Correios for the country. The company reaches every corner, from North to South, and in places with less population and difficult access.

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We also need to remember that Correios offers services such as the distribution of electronic voting machines, Enem tests, services that other companies do not perform.

The argument that the Postal Service encumbers the State is a lie. If privatization succeeds, the measure will have negative impacts on the population. It will enrich the richest and mistreat the poorest, exacerbating the isolation of communities that are already in social vulnerability. It is a path towards the exclusion of the exercise of citizenship and the removal of the State’s role in promoting integration among people.

The pandemic, which we have been experiencing for over two years, has changed social interaction practices and boom of virtuality happened. Postal services are fundamental and our nation’s public heritage. Today the company serves more than five thousand municipalities and provides an essential service.

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Bolsonaro wants to implement chaos and destruction, see the increase in unemployment, in the price of food. A delivery policy, which only thinks about the financial system, which puts the market above everything else.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes has already made it clear that he is at the service of big capital. Just to give you an idea, in 2020, Correios had a net profit of R$1.53 billion, surpassing 2019, when the profit was R$102 million. When it is sold, the Post Office monopoly will be broken and, consequently, there will be an increase in tariffs for services provided to the population.

It’s time to save the Post Office and defend the workers’ jobs, through a broad popular mobilization against this setback!

*Daniel Almeida is federal deputy for PCdoB/BA and vice-leader of PCdoB in the Chamber.

**This is an opinion piece. The author’s vision does not necessarily express the newspaper’s editorial line Brazil in fact.

Source: BoF Bahia

Edition: Jamile Araújo

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