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Threats of barracks, videos inciting a breakdown in the hierarchy of the military police and the threat of a coup d’état. The last few weeks have been of high political temperature in the country, since it was announced by President Jair Bolsonaro that he would use the September 7 commemorations for street demonstrations against members of the Supreme Court, in particular Minister Alexandre de Moraes, responsible for the inquiry that investigates cyber attacks against the honor of members of the court.

Threats of institutional breakdown by the president and his allies resonated with worrying support from members of the military police in several states. Before last week’s mobilizations, members of the reserve even threatened governors, such as the state deputy of Espírito Santo Capitão Assunção (Patriota). In a video with the Brazilian flag in the background, and the independence anthem, the reserve military threatened: “we are auxiliary forces and army reserves, in case of institutional rupture, it is clear that we will be with the armed forces, which have as his boss President Jair Bolsonaro.”

Despite threats and bravado, with even the removal, by Governor João Dória, of a PM-SP commander who incited members of the troop on social media to participate in the acts, the demonstrations had little or no participation by the military police. For police officers heard by Brazil de Facto Paraná, despite the great adhesion of PMs to the “pocketnarismo”, it is very difficult for Brazil to live in a barracks.

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According to data from the Public Security Forum, adherence to ”radical Bolsonarism” grew by almost 30% when compared to 2020. The survey points out that the most sectarian theses of the President of the Republic find more and more supporters among officials and soldiers, at least until the acts of September 7th.

For Martel Del Colle, of the Anti-Fascist Police movement, the police end up being bombarded with propaganda and fake news created by Pocketnarism, but this is in a weakening process. “Pocketnarism exists in the police, but it is weakening, even more so after September 7. The president lives on images and tries to pass as an ‘alpha male’, but after the results of the acts, he ended up having the image tarnished, already that nothing that was promised – such as the closing of institutions and the arrest of ministers – occurred”, he reflects.

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Interviewed before the mobilizations, the reserve sergeant of the Military Police of Santa Catarina Amauri Soares, one of the main leaders of the Association of Squares of the State of Santa Catarina (Aprasc), analyzed that it certainly increases support for the government, which responds positively to any signal. scammer.

“We have no doubt that the majority of military police, from all states of the federation, would very much like to be summoned by the President of the Republic, by the Army commanders, by the commanders of each PM to close all other powers and give full powers to Bolsonaro,” he said. Despite the sympathy for coup ideas, the sergeant ponders: “It is necessary to say that if the Military Police were used for a coup, whole or parts of them, this would only be possible with a single national command and with the authorization of the Army.”

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Del Colle believes that police forces are unlikely to break with the governors. “The culture of Brazil’s officers is not one of rupture, despite some historical events, the military police and the Army always try to convey an image of law enforcement. If the Army pulled, that would be something else.”

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Frédi Vasconcelos and Lia Bianchini

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