Black police officer is prevented from entering

A manager of a Zara unit, at Shopping Iguatemi, in Fortaleza (CE), would have prevented a black woman from entering the store, for “security”, last Sunday (19). The possible client, however, is delegate Ana Paula Barroso, deputy director of the Department for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (DPGV) of the Civil Police of Ceará, and filed a police report for racism against the brand.

Before, Barroso called the security guards at Shopping Iguatemi and called the police to the scene. The store refused to deliver the images from the internal circuit of cameras, but a warrant issued by the Court of Ceará determined the search and seizure of the recording equipment, which was carried out on Monday (20).

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A police inquiry was opened at the Police Station for the Defense of Women in Fortaleza to investigate the crime of racism. According to Barroso, when she tried to enter the store, she had a bag from another store and an ice cream, when she was approached by the manager who prevented her from attending the space.

In an interview with the newspaper O Povo, Ana Cláudia Nery, the delegate who will be responsible for the case, told how the Zara manager reacted to the arrival of the police at the scene. “He was quick to say that he had no prejudice and that he had black, gay and lesbian friends.”

As a police chief, Barroso could have given the Zara manager an arrest warrant for the act of racism. However, she would have been nervous and emotional at the racism and did not detain the store employee.

Zara informed portal G1, by telephone, that the customer entered the store without a mask, eating ice cream, and that she was approached by a manager to put the mask on. The company said the approach was not racially motivated but because of health protocols. It also informed that it neither accepts nor tolerates discrimination.

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Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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