Bolsonaro ministers contamination rate is eight times

The rate of contamination by the new coronavirus in government ministers headed by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) is much higher than the rate of contamination of the Brazilian population. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 18 of the 23 heads of portfolios in the federal government have contracted covid-19.

The percentage of infected among ministers reached 78% this week, with the confirmation of the diagnosis of ministers Marcelo Queiroga (Health), who caught the disease during a presidential trip to the United States, Bruno Bianco (Attorney General of the Union) and Tereza Cristina (Agriculture).

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Not all ministers included in the account remain in charge of their positions on the Esplanade of Ministries. All of them, however, were infected while serving as ministers in the Bolsonaro government.

The spread of the virus on the Esplanade, therefore, is eight times greater than the average for the Brazilian population. So far, just over 21 million people have contracted covid-19 in the country (approximately 10% of Brazilians).

The rate of virus contagion around (non-party) President Jair Bolsonaro has accelerated this week. In addition to Queiroga, deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), son of the chief executive, was also diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Bolsonaro himself remains in isolation and could face up to a year in prison if he fails to comply with a 14-day quarantine after arriving in Brazil on Wednesday (22), from his trip to the United States to participate in the United Nations General Assembly (UN) .

The adoption of social distance upon arrival in Brazil to all members of the delegation was recommended by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) after Queiroga was diagnosed with covid-19, while still on US soil.

Anvisa reported having sent a letter to the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, giving health guidelines that follow the protective measures established to control the new coronavirus pandemic. The document points out that Bolsonaro must also follow them.


André Mendonça (Justice and Public Security);

Augusto Heleno (Institutional Security Office);

Bento Albuquerque (Mines and Energy);

Braga Netto (Casa Civil);

Eduardo Pazuello (Health);

Fábio Faria (Communications);

Jorge Oliveira (General Secretary of the Presidency);

Luiz Ramos (General Secretary of Government);

Marcelo Álvaro Antônio (Tourism);

Marcos Pontes (Science, Technology and Innovations);

Milton Ribeiro (Education);

Onyx Lorenzoni (Citizenship);

Ricardo Salles (Environment);

Tarcisio de Freitas (Infrastructure);

Wagner Rosário (General Comptroller of the Union).


This Tuesday, Bolsonaro spoke at the opening of the UN General Assembly, where he again defended ineffective treatments against covid.

In a meeting with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, the Brazilian repeated that he had not yet been vaccinated. For not having the immunization, the president was banned from entering restaurants in New York, and had pizza dinner on the sidewalk last Sunday.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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