Bolsonaro repeats his stance and vetoes the new PL that provided for help

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) vetoed Bill (PL) 823/2021, recently approved by the National Congress, which provided for a set of relief measures for family farmers affected by the pandemic. This is the second time that the Chief Executive has decided to veto proposals of this nature.

In the first, in August 2020, Bolsonaro partially cut the actions that the Legislative had endorsed in another bill to help the segment during the health crisis. This time, the veto was full.

Initially presented by the PT’s bench in the Chamber, PL 823 was created based on demands presented by civil society organizations that bring together rural workers.

The text provided, for example, an emergency support to encourage rural production in the segment. Each family of farmers would be entitled to R$2,500 in a single installment, with the value reaching R$3,000 for centers led by women.

The bill approved by Congress also provided that the development could reach the mark of R$ 3,500 in the case of farmers who presented projects to implement technologies for accessing water, such as in the case of cisterns.

The text also determined that the Safra-Guarantee was automatically granted to all small farmers eligible to receive the benefit until December 31 of the next year, provided that an inspection report was presented attesting to the loss of the harvest.

The PL also allowed for renegotiations of rural credit debts, rebates and extension of bank terms under special conditions for the segment. The proposal had been approved by the Chamber and the Senate after an agreement that involved different political groups.

Now, Bolsonaro’s vetoes can only be overturned by deputies and senators in sessions of the National Congress. The legal deadline for evaluating the cuts is 30 calendar days.

When this period is concluded without the parliamentarians analyzing the presidential vetoes, the matter must enter the agenda and lock the agenda, being priority over the other measures to be voted on.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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