Book written in Portuguese and Guarani brings together drawings and

The book Nhemombaraete Reko Rã’i: strengthening wisdom brings together drawings, stories and teachings from the Guarani culture. It was written by José Verá, resident of the village Yvyty Poran, indigenous land known among non-indigenous people as “Aldeia do Campo Molhado”, in the municipality of Maquiné, on the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

The village is in a place with a past of resistance. The area was taken over by the Mbya Guarani and demarcated about 30 years ago, it is one of the largest exclusively Guarani indigenous lands in the state of RS.

The inauguration of the book launch campaign will take place next Saturday (4) at 10 am, at the Ecological Farmers’ Fair, at the stand of Meio, on Rua José Bonifácio, in Porto Alegre.

During the month of September, the book can be purchased for the promotional price of R$ 40, through the Riacho publisher’s website (click here to check out the book).

Then, the bilingual Portuguese/Guarani publication will be available for sale at Via Sapiens bookstore and also on the Riacho label website.

About the book

Book Cover / Disclosure

The stories that make up Nhemombaraete Reko Rã’i: Strengthening wisdom, they were dictated by José Verá to Guarani teachers, who subsequently revised and translated them into Portuguese. The book was collaboratively composed, with visits to the community with printed and digital prototypes to decide the final look of the publication.

The project is one of the actions of the Association for Studies and Projects with Indigenous and Minority Peoples (AEPIM), a non-governmental organization that has been working since 2009 in partnership with indigenous peoples, quilombolas, fishing and family farming communities.

The resources for the book came from the call for Creation and Formation of Diversity of Cultures carried out with resources from the Aldir Blanc Law. The publication is edited and graphically designed by the Riacho editorial label, active since 2016 with a focus on poetics and socio-environmental diversity.

About the author

José Verá, 71, is a self-taught artist born to “storytelling”. The Serra Bonita Village (Yvyty Poran), located between the municipalities of Caraá, Maquiné and Riozinho, served as an inspiration and guide.

“I wrote here, inside this house, inside my village, among my family”, recalls the artist.

“I didn’t go out elsewhere. I got a message directly for me,” he explains. Produced in pencil and pen, the drawings reflect the people’s spirituality Mbya Guarani and its relationship with biodiversity.

Messages about ecology and community life permeate the work. With titles like O Lua (Jaxy), O Sol (Kuara), Our real mother (Nhandexy anhetêngua), Mate herb (KaꞋa), School (ShemboꞋea), the themes of the book yield lessons for indigenous people and especially for non-indigenous people.

The stories show the intimate relationship that indigenous peoples have with the territory. And that is why they bring to light the relevance of the struggle waged by the indigenous people for the self-demarcation of this area three decades ago.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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