Boys from Belford Roxo (RJ): drug dealers killed children for

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro said this Friday (10) that the death of three children who had disappeared since December last year occurred because of an alleged theft of birds. The case took place in the Castelar favela, in Belford Roxo, Baixada Fluminense, and the murders were authorized by drug dealers in the region.

Willer da Silva, known as “Estala” and who was head of drug trafficking in the community, asked Wilton Quintanilha, known as “Abelha”, head of the drug faction and who was in prison at the time of the crime, to be executed. In July of this year, the drug dealer left the prison irregularly and even shook hands with the then secretary of public security Raphael Montenegro, who was arrested for negotiating agreements with factions.

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According to the police, at the time of the execution of Lucas Matheus, 8, Alexandre da Silva, 10, and Fernando Henrique, 11, the trafficker was not aware that the victims were children. With the negative repercussion in the community after the disappearance, the “Estala” was killed by other traffickers in Complexo da Penha, north of the capital, as a file burning.

“Castelar traffickers killed these children authorized by the top of the criminal faction. What we have is that, when we asked authorization for the heads who were in prison, from the drug trade, to punish those children, it was not said that they were children”, said the secretary of Civil Police, Allan Turnowski, this Friday morning ( 10).

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At the end of May, the Civil Police carried out an operation in the Castelar favela and arrested 17 people, but did not say whether they were related to the disappearance of the boys. Two months later, police received information that the children’s bodies had been dumped into a river, but to date nothing has been found in the investigations.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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