By causing new agglomeration, Bolsonaro makes another threat

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) made new veiled institutional threats during an event that generated yet another agglomeration, this time in Goiânia (GO), this Saturday (28). He participated in a cult in the city and stated that “we do not want or provoke ruptures, but everything has a limit in our life”.

“We cannot continue to live with this,” he added, while speaking to an evangelical audience at the Assembly of God.

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The head of the Executive is experiencing an institutional crisis, especially with the Judiciary, due to the dispute involving the adoption of the printed vote, an agenda that was defeated in the Chamber on the 10th. .

During the event in Goiânia, the president also spoke again about the 2022 elections, indicating once again that he will not accept an eventual defeat. When projecting the future, he also said that he could “be arrested, be killed or [obter] the victory”.

Another theme that became a prominent point in the president’s speech addressed to the cult participants was the anti-democratic protests that are being articulated by pocketnaristas for the next 7th of September. The head of the Executive called evangelicals to attend the events, associated with extremist banners, such as the closing of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Congress.

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“I know that the vast majority of evangelical leaders are going to participate in this September 7th movement, and so they have to. It is guaranteed in our Constitution. I hope they don’t want to take measures to contain this movement”, he said.

On the occasion, Bolsonaro also reaffirmed that he will participate in the demonstrations both in the federal capital and in São Paulo, in different turns.

Another feature that repeated itself on the president’s agenda in Goiânia was Bolsonaro’s non-use of masks, which again generated crowds and criticized the prevention measures that have been adopted by governors.

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He also intoned, once again, the defense of using hydroxychloroquine to combat covid. The drug is not recommended by health authorities or by scientific entities, according to which the drug was not formulated for this type of problem and can cause health problems for those who consume it with a view to treating the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Edition: Douglas Matos

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