Ciro Gomes, Isa Penna and Orlando Silva: see who will go

With Ciro Gomes joining the demonstration next Sunday (12), organized by the Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL), the number of participants outside the spectrum of the right grew. The act, which will take place in 15 states, but will have greater weight in São Paulo and will call for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

Before the possibility of expanding the demonstrations on September 12, the act of the MBL was against Bolsonaro and, also, ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. To facilitate the adhesion of parties, movements and leaders to the left, the group decided to change the proposal of the demonstration. Now, the main flag is the impeachment of the current president and the protesters who must wear white.

“I will go to the demonstration on the 12th on Avenida Paulista and I will always try to go to other demonstrations that are called against Bolsonaro. Whatever the sacrifice and risk this represents, there is something bigger than anything: the future of Brazil and our democracy”, announced Ciro Gomes on his social networks.

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Who also decided to participate in the MBL demonstration is the state deputy, from São Paulo, Isa Penna (PSOL). Although her party has announced that it will not be in the act, the parliamentarian informed her voters and followers on social networks that she joined the call of the right-wing movement.

“Just as we defended democracy in the ‘Outside Bolsonaro’ demonstrations on September 7, we need to do the same on September 12th. The authoritarian escalation was even more evident after the pro-Bolsonaro acts, and it takes unity to face it”, explained Penna.

Unlike PT and PSOL, PCdoB decided to join the demonstrations on September 12th. One of the most important leaders of the communists will participate in the event in São Paulo, federal deputy Orlando Silva (PCdoB-SP).

“It is an act (on 9/12) for democracy, for Bolsonaro and impeachment. I feel obliged to participate,” said the congressman, in a debate at the UOL, this Friday morning (10).

In addition to Ciro Gomes, Isa Penna and Orlando Silva, federal deputies Alessandro Molon (PSB-RJ), Alexandre Frota (PSDB-SP), Tabata Amaral (PDT-SP), Joice Hasselmann (PSL-SP), André Janones (Avante -MG), Marcelo Van Hattem (Novo-RS), also confirmed their presence. Singer Tico Santa Cruz also announced that he will participate.

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Among the trade union centrals, only Força Sindical, UGT, CSB and Nova Central decided to summon their affiliates to the MBL demonstrations.

“On September 12th, a great event will be held on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, for the impeachment of Bolsonaro, an act in which we will participate. Our line is always a broad front in defense of Brazil and democracy. It’s time for a decision and a clear decision is impeachment now”, says the document released jointly by the entities.

Among left-wing social movements, there will be no adhesion. Landless Workers Movement (MST), Homeless Workers Movement (MTST), Black Coalition for Rights, Uneafro, Popular Movements Center (CMP), among others, announced that they will not be on Avenida Paulista next Sunday.

Among the parties that joined the demonstrations are: PDT, PV, Citizenship, Solidarity, PSDB, Novo and the PSL, former party of Jair Bolsonaro and party that houses his son, federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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