Country has 266 deaths per covid in 24 hours and has the 6th highest rate of

This Monday (30) Brazil counted 266 deaths linked to covid-19, according to data released by the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass).

In the same period, 10,466 new cases of the disease were confirmed. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in March of last year, the total number of reported infections in the country has reached 20,752,281, and officially identified deaths total 579,574.

Several authorities and health institutions warn, however, that the real numbers are likely to be even higher due to the lack of large-scale testing and underreporting.

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In absolute numbers, Brazil is the second country in the world with more deaths, behind only the United States, which add up to more than 637,000 deaths, but have a much larger population. It is still the third country with the most confirmed cases, after the USA (38.8 million) and India (32.7 million).

The mortality rate per group of 100,000 inhabitants rose to 275.8 in Brazil, the 6th highest in the world, behind only a few small European countries and Peru.

Altogether, more than 216.9 million people have officially contracted the coronavirus worldwide, and 4.5 million deaths associated with the disease have been reported, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University.

Conass does not disclose the number of recovered. According to the Ministry of Health, 19,692,898 patients in Brazil had recovered from the disease until this Monday.

However, the government does not specify how many of those recovered were left with sequelae or other long-term effects. The way the government advertises the number of “recovered” has already been criticized by scientists, who called the number misleading in suggesting that those infected are completely cured of the disease after the acute phase or hospital discharge.

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Studies abroad have estimated that between 10% and 38% of those infected suffer the effects of “long covid” months after the virus has left the body. A German study found that sequelae can appear even months after the acute phase of the disease. A University College London survey of patients from 56 countries listed more than 200 symptoms observed in patients with post-covid sequelae.

Edition: Vinicius Segalla

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