Cry of the Excluded and Excluded reaches the age of 26; meet your

In 1995, when the Grito dos Excluídos e Excluídas took to the streets for the first time, the motto “Life in First Place” echoed the popular demands of a country lacking inclusion. The creation of the real was just over a year old and contributed to a relative reduction in poverty, but it had no effect on Brazilian social inequality.

The watchwords of the first edition have become permanent in the movement over the past 27 years. In Brazil in 2021, however, they have an even greater weight, given the death of almost 600,000 people during the coronavirus pandemic, the growth of hunger and the lack of commitment of the Jair Bolsonaro government with the preservation of the life of the population.

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“We take this motto as our main motto. Life comes first,” says economist Sandra Quintela, economist, popular educator, member of the Jubileu Sul Brasil Network and one of the organizers of the Grito (listen to the entire interview on the audio player below of the title of this article).

“This year, specifically, the motto is for popular participation, food, health, housing, work and income now. These are specific and necessary banners. We need to raise people’s indignation and get out of this situation of anesthesia”, completes Sandra.


The Cry of the Excluded and Excluded was created from the 2nd Brazilian Social Week, of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops (CNBB). The choice of September 7 as the movement’s annual fixed date is a call for critical reflection on Independence Day.

As those involved and involved in the organization of the historic event point out, the idea is to “overcome passive patriotism in view of active citizenship” in order to build a democratic, diverse society with social justice for all.

This Tuesday (7), the event joins the #ForaBolsonaro campaign, which will be on the streets of hundreds of Brazilian cities and defends the removal of President Jair Bolsonaro, the guarantee of vaccination of the entire population and food on the plate of Brazilians and Brazilian companies.

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“Life is very hard for the working class and the person responsible has a name and a surname. This man only manages by transferring resources to the rich”, emphasizes Sandra Quintela when commenting on the combination of the two movements.

“People are dying of hunger, viruses and bullets. On this very symbolic day, we are not going to the streets to face pocket narists, but to rebuild a country that is destroyed. We need to imbue ourselves with courage, hope, and strength and rescue our historical process of struggle”, concludes the economist.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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