Cry of the Excluded: “Democracy has never been so threatened”,

The call of the Cry of the Excluded of 2021, on September 7th, reinforces the absence of basic rights taken from the Brazilian people: “Life comes first – in the struggle for popular participation, health, food, housing, work and income now!”.

An appropriate slogan at a time when governments, including Bolsonaro, are indifferent to death and, at the same time, deprive the people of their essential rights. The location chosen for the act, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, is the Nova Esperança occupation, in Campo Magro, an area that houses close to 800 families, occupied since 2020.

There is great expectation about the date, as supporters of Bolsonaro signal to take action confronting other powers of the Republic. Popular leaders who participated in the BDF Special Interview program highlighted the importance of, in view of this, reinforcing the struggle for social rights and organization of workers.

“May it be a cry for life, work and democracy,” says Roberto Baggio, from the MST’s state coordination.

Silvia Kreuz, coordinator of the Scream for the Archdiocese of Curitiba, enunciates the impact of the absence of public policy to prevent the pandemic.

“We have 130,000 children orphaned due to covid deaths. There have never been so many children being orphaned in a year and a half. All pastorals deal with the issue of the Excluded, of people who have their dignity and their life less valued. We want to bring up the issue of this whole theme, democracy has never been so threatened since the Constituent Assembly of 88”, he reports.

Prevention against authoritarianism

Regarding the threats from pocketnaristas on the 7th of September, Valdecir Ferreira, a member of the Popular Housing Movement (MPM), one of the organizers of the occupation in Campo Magro, recalls that, in December 2018, the threats from the police on the occupation area 29 March, unfortunately, materialized. Dozens of houses were burned down.

“We have to be prepared for any reaction, we will be on the streets too, I hope there is no coup. We have to have resistance”, he defines.

It reinforces the daily indifference of managers and mayors in relation to the situation of communities.

“There is discrimination, those responsible for the municipalities think that if they bring assistance to the community, water, electricity, they would be ‘consolidating the community’. Unfortunately, there is this prejudice and this closed view. The right to life, assistance, health goes beyond, this vision is still lacking for city halls”, he criticizes.

The current crisis has weakened workers, points out Baggio. “There are 126 million families in Brazil that don’t eat well.” The core of the problem, for him, is not the absence of food in the country, but the fact that businessmen and the financial market export and speculate with the price of food. Hunger, for Baggio, is the main problem in Brazilian society.

Stay in

Cry of the Excluded

When: September 7th, from 9:30 am

Where: Nova Esperança Community, Campo Magro center

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Frédi Vasconcelos

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