Deaths and rising food prices: what are the impacts of

The street situation during the intense cold in 2021 has already killed 16 people, until this Friday, only in the city of São Paulo. The data are from the State Movement of Homeless People (MEPSR-SP). The survey does not count, yet, a suspicious death registered at dawn this Saturday (31), which occurred in the Republic, central region of the city, according to Father Julio Lancellotti, coordinator of Pastoral do Povo da Rua.

According to the Climate Emergencies Management Center (CGE), last Friday (31) in São Paulo had the lowest temperature in 17 years. The minimum mean recorded was 3.2°C and the absolute minimum temperature was – 3°C.

During the intense cold, the Parish of São Miguel Arcanjo, where Father Julio Lancellotti is parish priest, has housed around 20 people living on the streets since Thursday (29).

At dawn this Saturday, the religious leader, along with Paulo Escobar and Viviana Torrico, who also work with homeless people, saved the life of a 60-year-old man who was freezing.

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“Vitor was there lying on the sidewalk and we approached. He got up sore, frozen, groggy. According to the nurses, it was freezing, yes freezing, his blood and his life gone. All this within 30 meters of an overnight stay full of empty beds, as bureaucracy prevents you from seeing these situations. Because the pattern needs to be followed and there is time to enter”, said Escobar, on his social networks.

In a statement, the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of São Paulo stated that cases of “deaths from natural causes”, regardless of the pathology, are referred to the health authorities for the issuance of the death certificate and other legal measures”.

Questioned, the municipal Health Department has not yet responded on the cases of deaths among the homeless population.

Impact on food prices

Among the impacts of the intense cold that reached the south and southeast regions of Brazil, there is also the increase in food prices in the coming weeks.

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A report by XP Investimentos, published on Monday (26), showed that the Broad National Consumer Price Index, which measures food inflation, could reach 7.3% in 2021, already predicting the impact of frosts . Before, the projection was 6.7%.

In this scenario, some farmers and associations have already started to ask the government for help. The Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of the State of São Paulo (FAESP), this Friday (30), sent an official letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA).

The entity asks for help to mitigate the negative impacts of the cold front. According to the XP Investimentos report, the most impacted crops are coffee, vegetables and fruits.

Also according to the federation, some regions recorded losses of 10% to 20% in some crops, in others, up to 100%. The loss of vegetables, for example, reaches 15%, at the top of Tietê Paulista, in the interior of São Paulo. In the middle of Paranapanema, the estimated loss reaches 50%.

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In Rio Grande do Sul, losses in crops were recorded with the fall of hail. In the municipality of Erebango, in the communities of Santo Antônio, Linha Seis, Linha Mergalli, Linha Scolari, Linha Pilar, São Judas and Chalet, damage was recorded in the plantations of wheat, barley, oats, pastures, mate, vegetable and fruit growing.

In Santa Catarina, a farmer even used a heater to protect his tomato crop. In Epagri, in the interior of the state of Santa Catarina, the City Hall informed that the greatest risk for local agriculture is due to the presence of frost.

Edition: Douglas Matos

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