Demonstrations against Bolsonaro take to the streets on the 7th of

The September 7 holiday, Independence Day, is marked this year by acts contrary to President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) in more than 160 cities in Brazil and abroad.

In part of the municipalities, the demonstrations join the traditional Cry of the Excluded and the Excluded, which denounces Brazilian social problems. In São Paulo, the event reaches its 27th edition with the motto “Life in the First Place” and will take place from 2 pm in the Vale do Anhangabaú, in the center of the city.

:: Outside Bolsonaro: at least 160 cities will have acts on September 7th; check list ::

The protests for “Fora, Bolsonaro” are convened by the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro, made up of the fronts Povo Sem Fedo and Brasil Popular, in addition to political parties, trade union centrals and popular movements.

The demonstrations take place in continuation of the struggle started in May this year. The organizers reinforce that it is essential that participants follow sanitary protocols and use a protective mask, alcohol gel and respect social distance.

More news about the acts of this Tuesday, September 7th, coming soon.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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