Deputies ask the court to review the new toll agreement in the

State deputies from Paraná called the Court of Justice to review the new toll concession agreement, made between the state and the federal government. Earlier this month, Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior, alongside Infrastructure Minister Tarcísio Freitas, announced the new model, as the current contracts expire in November this year.

The agreement, signed into law on the 19th, provides for 15 new toll plazas to be installed on state and federal highways, and around 3,300 kilometers of roads in Paraná will be transferred to the federal government, for it to grant to the private sector . However, About eight deputies, including oppositionists and even parties from the base of the government, questioned the proposal for “lack of transparency and debate around the new model.”

This is one of the reasons that led the deputies Arilson Chiorato (PT), Goura (PDT), Luciana Rafagnin (PT), Mabel Canto (PSC), Professor Lemos (PT), Requião Filho (MDB), Soldier Fruet (PROS) and Tadeu Veneri (PT) to file a Direct Action of Unconstitutionality (Adin) in court.

According to Chiorato, the project does not solve the problem of high tariffs in Paraná, and the federal government has not specified in a document how the rules of the new model will be, that is, the project is a “tortoise”, a term used to designate when a proposal is unclear or may bring unexpected surprises.

“We have a discussion on the toll without clear rules and without a physical document, what exists is a ‘Power Point’ released by Minister Tarcisio weeks ago. When the project arrived at the Assembly, it came without any draft notice or description of which road sections will be assigned.”

The deputy also criticizes the supposed drop in tariffs. “The average toll in Paraná is R$16.50, it is not simply proposing that it be lowered to R$11.50, R$11. The Federal Public Ministry has already pointed out in leniency agreements that the toll in the state is 500 % more expensive, we want justice in the toll, which is equivalent to Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul”, he criticizes. The toll amount in these states varies between R$4.70 and R$8.20.

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Ratinho Jr, since the beginning of his term, has been aligning himself almost automatically with President Bolsonaro’s agenda or preferred not to manifest himself in the face of the crises created by the president. Last week, he refused to sign a letter proposed by 14 other governors in solidarity with the Supreme Court, in light of Bolsonaro’s impeachment request against Alexandre de Moraes.

Alignment also takes place in other areas, such as education. The president of the Union of Workers in Public Education of Paraná (APP-Sindicato), professor Hermes Leão, assesses that the lack of dialogue and the imposition of proposals such as the militarization of schools, a flag of the extreme right, have been hallmarks of the current government .

“They placed a military leadership in 200 public schools with an extremely wrong educational proposal, a process of training, conditioning and authoritarianism, completely contrary to a school that trains citizens with humanitarian values”, he quotes.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Frédi Vasconcelos

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