Deputy who received the executioner of Maria da Penha already

In the best style of his political guide, President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), State Deputy Jessé Lopes (PSL), from Santa Catarina, achieved national visibility, last Tuesday (31), not because of what he does in office, but for the controversies it feeds outside the cabinet.

Upon receiving the Colombian Marco Antonio Heredia Viveiros, Maria da Penha’s aggressor, and accepting his version of the barbaric crimes he committed, the pocketnarista offended the struggle of women against violence.

“Maria da Penha’s husband visited my office and told the version about the case that became law in Brazil. His story is, to say the least, intriguing”, wrote Lopes on his social networks, when he published a photo with Viveiros, who was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison by the Brazilian courts for trying to kill his ex-wife, Maria da Penha Maia Fernandes.

In 2020, after women from the “No it’s not” campaign distributed stickers in Florianópolis to fight harassment and sexism in the carnival in the capital of Santa Catarina, Lopes went to the networks to complain: “Let’s not be hypocrites. Who, male or female, doesn’t like to be ‘harassed’? It massages the ego, even if you are not interested in the person who took the action.”

“After women have already conquered all the necessary rights, including having, many times, more rights than men, today the feminist agendas aim in their most extremist acts to take away rights”, said the congressman on his social networks.


Married to Moyra Lopes since 2011 and father of a boy, Lopes is originally from Criciúma and has a degree in dentistry. In the municipality of Santa Catarina, he founded and presided over the PSL, the party by which he was elected, in 2018, to the Legislative Assembly of the State of Santa Catarina (ALESC), with 31,595 votes, in the wake of pocketnarism.

During the campaign, he walked through the streets of the state with t-shirts that emblazoned the president’s face and even exhibited, on social networks, images of his son making a gun gesture with his hands, imitating the president of the Republic.

Jessé Lopes next to Moya Lopes, his partner / Photo: Personal Archive

To the Superior Electoral Court, Lopes declared that he had R$251,000 in assets, divided into a car worth R$100,000, three land and shares of the Unicred System, a cooperative of “financial solutions” that operates in Santa Catarina.

Lopes took office on January 1, 2019. Since then, according to Alesc’s Transparency Portal, he has presented only six bills, all in 2021. It is noteworthy that the deputy has already forwarded 19 requests for tributes or promotions to military police, civilians or firefighters.

In a motion dated May 28, 2021, Lopes asked Alesc to “applaud the members of the executive board and the Fiscal Council of the Santa Catarina Federation of Jiu-Jitsu, who performed exceptionally well in the 2017-2021 quadrennium”. The deputy holds a black belt in the fighting modality, as well as in Karate.

At Alesc, Lopes is a member of five committees: Human Rights, Finance and Taxation, Committee on Prevention and Fight against Drugs, Civil Protection and Public Safety.

Maria da Penha case

In 1983, economist Marco Antonio Heredia Viveiros shot Maria da Penha in the back while she was sleeping. The shot left her paralyzed. The Colombian alleged to the police that the “incident” had occurred after an attempted robbery, a fact refuted by the experts and disregarded by the courts.

In the same year, the Colombian tried to electrocute Maria da Penha during a bath. The Brazilian had just returned from surgery and several hospitalizations, to treat the sequelae of the shot she took from her partner.

In 2002, Viveiros was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison. A year earlier, Brazil was convicted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for omission in relation to domestic violence, after the country’s courts were accused of negligence for nearly 20 years in the case of Maria da Penha.

On August 7, 2006, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva signed Law 11,340, known as the Maria da Penha Law, which legislates on domestic violence against women.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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