Director of “Cashier Building” Receives Notification to Change

The eviction of the residents of the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Building, in downtown Niterói, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, completed two years in 2021. The story of the removal of the families became a documentary and will be released on September 2 by the independent producer “202 Movies”.

However, on August 5, the director of the film called “Prédio da Caixa”, Arthur Moura, was surprised by an extrajudicial notification, on behalf of Caixa Econômica Federal, requesting that the word “Caixa” be deleted from the title of the work. and from all posts on social media.

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The documentary is one hour long and has 15 testimonies from former residents and human rights defenders who denounce the precarious situation in which many of the families evicted from the building currently find themselves. Unemployed and without access to social rent, the fate of people in situations of extreme social vulnerability who lived in the building ended up being the streets.

Moura started filming in 2019 and was completed only two years later. As a strategy for disseminating the documentary, the filmmaker and historian released some interviews of the film on social media. According to him, shortly after the publication of the videos, he received an extrajudicial notification. Among the points listed in the document is the request to remove the name “Caixa” from the film.

“Thus, given the potential risk of damage to the image of this Federal Public Company, as well as the possibility that the title in question may mislead viewers into believing that Caixa Econômica Federal has some responsibility for the facts presented in the videos, which, evidently, would generate liability for you. for damages observed in return, the present serves to notify the recipients so that they immediately delete the name of the Box from the title of the film, as well as the videos already on the social network YouTube or on any other social networks or media”, says the document, which also emphasizes that legal measures will be taken if the request is not complied with.


The film’s director received the notification as an attempt to censor and criminalize the film in an ultra-conservative political context.

“I’m not going to take the name off, this is absurd, it’s an extremely dangerous attitude because if you go to the point of criminalizing an artistic production that is not a production of rich cinema, it is poor cinema, which was made with R$1 thousand, this also shows the desperation and the justice character of those bourgeois institutions that bothered. It means that we are on the right path”, emphasizes the filmmaker.

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With the support of a lawyer who is following the case, Moura sent a counter-notification to Caixa Econômica Federal. In it, the director alleges that the documentary does not discredit the image of the public institution and that the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Building is popularly known as “Prédio da Caixa”, possibly because of the proximity of the bank that is next to the property and that the name has already been widely publicized by the press.

“With regard to your impertinent need to delete “the name of the Caixa from the title of the film, etc., it is worth clarifying that my documentary does not contain the “name of the Caixa”, or reference to that Company/Federal Public Bank, such as your landladies emphasize, but the popular name lent to the building of the Condominium of the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Building, naturally because of the geographic circumstances”, says one of the excerpts of the document sent by the filmmaker.

The documentary is one hour long and has 15 testimonies / Photo: disclosure / 202 Films

Moura has not yet received a response from the reply sent to Caixa, but he guaranteed that the film’s release will take place soon. The forecast is that on September 2 the preview will take place on the channel of YouTube and Facebook of the portal Left Online from 12:30 pm. The next day, the launch will be made on the “202 Filmes” channel, at 7pm.

Other side

The report sought out Caixa Econômica Federal for a position on the case. The company sent the following note to the Brazil in fact:

“Caixa is the main promoter of public housing policies in the country. The purpose of the extrajudicial notification was to warn the producer of the use of the name “Caixa” in the title of the film in order not to give viewers, or recipients of the film’s publicity/disclosure, the false idea that Caixa has a relationship with the object project of the documentary, thereby causing damage to the image of this financial institution”.

The company did not respond about the legal measures that could be taken if the name of the film is not changed.

remember the case

The building was vacated at the beginning of June. The building has 382 housing units and 13 stores. About 1500 people came to live in the place that has been the scene of conflicts of interest in Niterói for years.

The court decision that closed the building alleged that the place was at risk. The supply of water and electricity services was cut off in March 2019 on the grounds of fire risk due to the precariousness of the facilities.

Judge Andrea Gonçalvez Duarte Joanes accepted in full the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Rio (MP-RJ) through the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Collective Guardianship for the Defense of Citizenship of the Niterói/Maricá Center and ordered the municipality to promote the removal of the residents of the building and the prohibition of the movement of people.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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