Directors are removed for not putting pressure on students to

The State Department of Education of Paraná (SEED) removed school directors from the position because they were not meeting a goal of adhesion of students to on-site classes.

However, there is not yet, on the part of the state government, any regulation or decree that obliges the return to in-person classes. Students and families are still guaranteed the choice of online education, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

So far, directors of three schools have been removed: Brasílio Vicente de Casto State School, Jayme Canet State School and Gabriela Mistral State School.

In addition to the leave, teachers who were in the position of direction will also receive administrative punishments and already respond to Administrative Proceedings (PADs). As they are undergoing administrative proceedings, none of the directors wanted to talk about it.

The educator Andrea Basilio, from the Brasílio Vicente de Castro State School, who has organized demonstrations with the school community, was indignant and said she will continue to fight for the return of director Kátia Belasque Bauch to her position.

“There is nothing to justify this departure. They informed that it was because the school did not meet the goal of on-site students. But families are still guaranteed to stay at home. We even presented to the Department of Education the terms of commitment of parents who chose to keep students in online education”, he said.

Teachers and the school community are mobilizing with petitions, banners and posts on social networks against the decision of the secretariat.

The circular letter issued on August 2, 2021 by the State Department of Education of Paraná to the heads of the nucleus, regarding the return of in-person classes, says that:

“All students are entitled to return in person. However, we ask that you give priority to those who do not have access to online classes and who have a learning disability. If there is physical capacity to receive more students, the management of schools should expand the call to everyone.”

And also: “In situations where those responsible do not authorize the student’s face-to-face return, a written justification must be presented to the management team.”

Deputies ask for action and suspension of proceedings

State deputy Requião Filho (MDB) forwarded, on Monday (13), a request for investigation and action to the Public Ministry of Paraná and the Public Ministry of Labor on the situation of state school principals who are being pressured to increase the number of face-to-face students in the classroom. In both documents, the deputy reports the removal and opening of PAD against directors who did not reach the “target” imposed by SEED.

“It is not possible to transfer to the server the decision that falls to those responsible for the child. It is their parents, not the principals, who decide whether the student will follow the classes in person or online”, defended the deputy.

Deputy Professor Lemos (PT) asked SEED to immediately suspend the PADs.

“We have a resolution from the Department of Health that allows parents to decide whether the student will stay in remote education or face-to-face education. The decision is optional for the families, it cannot penalize the directors. If they are doing this with these three directors, the Secretary of Education’s desire is certainly to do it with more directors from Paraná. This is unfair, we cannot accept it,” he said.

In note to the Brazil de Facto Paraná, the SEED press office reported that “the directors were removed to respond to a Disciplinary Administrative Proceeding (PAD), which is confidential.”

Asked about the demand for a goal for students to adhere to the classroom, SEED did not respond.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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