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With President Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) decision to veto the suspension of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) life test until December 2021, beneficiaries need to pay attention to the calendar to take the exam.

Estimates by the agency indicate that more than 7.3 million policyholders still need proof of life until December. The procedure was no longer required last year due to the covid-19 pandemic, but was also approved by the National Congress.

The exam is intended to carry out the registration update. In other words, those who do not comply with the requirement will be subject to restrictions that may even lead to suspension of benefit payments.

:: Seniors over 80 years old can schedule proof of life at home ::

The deadline varies according to the month in which the re-registration should have been carried out in 2020.

Thus, those who would take the life test in September or October 2020 and have not done it so far, must undergo the procedure by September 30 of this year.

Next October is the turn of those who would have to do the proof in November and December 2020.​ It is important to emphasize that the insured person can take the proof of life at any time. There is no need to wait until the month when the deadline expires.

I didn’t take the proof of life, will I have the benefit canceled immediately?

Not necessarily. Until that happens, there are two steps, the first being the blocking of the benefit and then the suspension of payment.

In this month of September, those who had their benefit blocked in June enter the suspension stage. If the beneficiary still does not update the data in this second step, the benefit will be cancelled.

I had the benefit blocked, can I reactivate it?

Yes. Policyholders who had their benefits blocked and suspended can reactivate them directly at the bank. The same goes for canceled benefits.

For this, the insured needs to call the 135 center and schedule the benefit reactivation service.

The procedure can be done through the My INSS application. After accessing the Meu INSS with the CPF number and the registered password, just look for Reactivar Benefit in the magnifying glass.

Re-registration is done at the bank where the retiree or pensioner receives their benefit (at the service desk, at the ATM and even through internet banking, in some cases).

Proof of life at home for over 80s

Those over 80 years old and people over 60 years old who have some difficulty in walking can take the test of living at home.

The beneficiary or a family member needs to schedule the exam through 135 or My INSS, requesting a visit from an employee of the agency.

Policyholders with biometrics registered at the TSE (via voter registration card) and at Detran can take the digital proof of life through the Meu INSS.

Due date

The original month of renewal of the proof of life is established by the bank that pays the benefit. The criteria varies according to each institution:

Box – Maturity takes place within one year of the last life test performed

Bank of Brazil – Proof of life is given in the month of the beneficiary’s birthday

Bradesco – The proof of life expiration is the month in which the customer received the first payment

Itaú Unibanco – Expiration occurs when completed one year after the last procedure

Santander – The maturity of the proof of life occurs annually based on the date of granting the pension

According to the INSS, since last year, even in the period when proof of life was no longer mandatory, due to the covid-19 pandemic, more than 28.7 million beneficiaries underwent the procedure.

Edition: Douglas Matos

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