Do you want to invest in cooperatives linked to the MST? Know how,

Did you know that it is possible to invest in cooperatives linked to the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) through bonds in the financial market? This opportunity was officially reopened by the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) in August, with the Finapop program.

The target audience is not millionaires: starting at R$100, it is now possible to make your reservation. About 9,000 people had already signed up to participate even before the deadline for funding, which ends next Thursday (9).

Finapop was structured with the support of economist Eduardo Moreira, who is one of the investors. The difference with other applications on the Stock Exchange is that the entire amount raised is donated to cooperatives that produce healthy food, without pesticides, with respect for the environment and on land originating from the agrarian reform.

Those responsible for the operation are Gaia Impacto, issuer of the bonds, and Terra Investimentos.

How it works

Finapop is based on the distribution of Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRA), which is a debt security. Individuals who purchase a CRA are exempt from income tax and will receive their funds back within five years, with monthly payments from the 13th month and interest of 5.5%.

As the values ​​are tax-free, interest is net rather than gross, making Finapop one of the most advantageous options in the financial market for small investors.

In addition to this gain, Finapop’s main attraction is knowing that its investment helps finance family farming, which produces 70% of the food that makes up the Brazilian table.

The first to benefit from Finapop was the Nova Santa Rita Agricultural Production Cooperative (Coopan), in Rio Grande do Sul.

R$ 1 million was earmarked for the construction of a new slaughterhouse in the settlement, which already has its own creation and abattoir. The goal now is to complete the works in February of next year and start manufacturing salami, smoked products and sausage.

Among the projects that are on the Finapop list are cooperatives that produce cocoa, honey, vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Step by step

To invest, the first step is to register for free on the Terra Investimentos website.

Thus, a login and password will be generated to navigate on the page where the investment options are.

In the left corner of the page, you should click on the “Public Offers” icon, which is in the “To invest” section.

Then search for “CRA” and click “Book”.

Next, select “Modality” (only available option), enter the “Total Booking Value”, click on “Send Market Price” and then on “Continue”.

Disregard the “Maximum price per share/quote” field.

Finally, read the offering prospectus, a document that provides details on all the information regarding your investment. If you agree with the conditions, click on “I have read the Offering Prospectus and I agree with all rules and risks explained”, insert the “Electronic Signature” and click on “Book”.

If you don’t have an electronic signature, just click on “I forgot my electronic signature” to generate a code.

Offer is active until September 9th. If you have any questions, just send an email to [email protected] Another option is to access the tutorial provided by Terra Investimentos.

Sought to talk about the topic, Gaia Impacto could not comment because it is in a period of silence – when manifestations in the media that could influence potential investors are prohibited.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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