EBC pressures journalists for positive content management

Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) has been pressuring the company’s journalists to intensify the daily production of positive content under the management of Colonel Ricardo Mello Araújo, former commander of Rota, ahead of Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo ( Ceagesp).

O Brazil in fact had access to messages in the journalists’ Whatsapp group, where workers are pressured by management. In one excerpt, a person from the direction of the state-owned company passes on a message from the president of EBC, advertising Glen Lopes Valente.

“Glen wants me to do as much of Ceagesp’s story as possible. Message from him”, says the first message. “Today’s priority, from São Paulo”, complements the direction. In eight months of 2021, the EBC has already produced 23 articles about the Entrepostos Center.

EBC Group Message Exchange Shows President Glen Lopes Valente’s Order to Journalists / Photo: Reproduction

EBC and Ceagesp are state-owned and both answer to the federal government. More than that, they are neighbors in the Leopoldina neighborhood, on the west side of São Paulo. According to the complaints that reached the Brazil in fact, it is common for journalists to go out to record notes at the site.

“There is discomfort among EBC colleagues in this extensive coverage of Ceagesp, because it is clear that it is a form of instrumentalization of the EBC to promote the management of the warehouse, and the figure of the former military policeman who is in charge of the company”, he denounces one of the state’s journalists, who asked not to be identified.

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Also according to the EBC worker, “another issue is that the employees with public examinations have been fighting on a day-to-day basis so that this instrumentalization is not even greater in this coverage of Ceagesp”.


Ceagesp is one of the main stages of the dispute between President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and Governor João Doria (PSDB). The height of this dispute occurred on December 15, 2020, when the Clock Tower was reopened there.

“We are ratsing Brazil and here it was a rat’s nest. Here I took months to change [o presidente da Ceagesp]. They even extorted the most humble, those who pushed carts in here. Security Mafia, Trash Mafia. It is unacceptable for an entrepot like this to be in the hands of politicians who use it. Now, with the work of Colonel Mello Araújo, we are transforming this into a healthy business environment that, at the end of the line, lowers the price of merchandise”, said Bolsonaro during the event.

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The former CEO of Ceagesp, Johnni Hunter Nogueira, was connected to the PSDB and had appointed Doria’s allies for positions within the company. The government of São Paulo intended to install a technological center on the land, “similar to Silicon Valley”, in the words of the governor.

After the intervention of Bolsonaro, who appointed Mello Junior to head Ceagesp in October 2020, the project collapsed. The former commander of Rota is Doria’s enemy and often criticizes the governor.

On August 22, Mello Junior released a video in uniform calling the population to the act on September 7, which, in addition to defending Jair Bolsonaro, will raise anti-democratic banners, such as the closing of the Federal Supreme Court.

“From a journalistic point of view, Ceagesp is important in itself for its greatness, but since last year we have seen an interest in promoting management at the front of the company”, laments another worker, who also asked not to be identified, for fear of retaliation.

Other side

Wanted by Brazil in fact, the EBC did not comment until the publication of this report.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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