Elderly people in Rio de Janeiro begin to receive a third dose of

This Monday (30), the City of Rio vaccinates 16-year-old adolescents against covid-19. On Tuesday (31), it is the turn of the 16-year-old boys. Pregnant women, postpartum women, lactating women and People with Disabilities (PwD) aged 12 and over can also be vaccinated on any day.

The calendar continues, in a staggered way by age and sex, until the end of the week, when 15-year-old boys receive their first dose on Friday (3). Until September 14, the vaccination will be aimed at teenagers aged between 12 and 16 years.

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The units also continue to apply the second dose, according to the date stipulated on the receipt for the first.

According to the city, who will receive the vaccine must present original identification with photo, CPF number and, if possible, the vaccination booklet. For the second dose, it is important to also take proof of the first application.

People with Disabilities (PwD) must present a report from the public or private network; free public transport cards; documents evidencing assistance in rehabilitation centers or units specialized in the care of people with disabilities; official identity document with the indication of disability or any other document that indicates that it is a person with a disability.

Pregnant women and mothers must present a prenatal card, in addition to signing the clarification term available on the website. Infants must have an indication from the health professional who monitors the child.

third dose

The application of the third dose of vaccine against covid-19 in the elderly starts on Wednesday (1st). From this date until the 10th, elderly residents in long-term care facilities will be vaccinated.

Starting on September 13th, the third dose will start for those aged 95 and over. The vaccination of the elderly will continue until October 30, when those who are 60 years old will be able to receive the third dose of the vaccine.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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