Emergency assistance: January birthdays can cash out

Starting this Monday (2), the January birthdays who receive emergency aid can withdraw the fourth installment. Among the beneficiaries are those who are not part of Bolsa Família and who have enrolled in the program through the Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) website or application or are enrolled in the Federal Government’s Cadastro Único (CadÚnico).

The release of money is done in two steps. In the first one, it is necessary to access the “Caixa Tem” application and select the options “Withdrawal without card” and “Generate withdrawal code”. Afterwards, with the code in hand, the beneficiary has up to one hour to withdraw the money at lotteries or Caixa branches.

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The withdrawal is released according to the registered person’s birthday month.

Check the calendar:

– January Birthdays: 02/08 – Monday;
– February Birthdays: 03/08 – Tuesday;
– March Birthdays: 08/04 – Wednesday;
– April Birthdays: 8/05 – Thursday;

– May Birthdays: 09/08 – Monday;
– June Birthdays: 10/08 – Tuesday;
– July Birthdays: 8/11 – Wednesday;
– August Birthdays: 12/08 – Thursday;
– September Birthdays: 13/08 – Friday;

– October Birthdays: 08/16 – Monday;
– November Birthdays: 8/17 – Tuesday;
– December Birthdays: 18/08 – Wednesday.

Extension of aid

The federal government extended the emergency aid in three more installments that will be paid in August, September and October, with the same amounts that have already been paid. Unlike other extensions, this time the entry of new beneficiaries will not be allowed.

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The calendar for workers in general has not yet been released. For those who are part of Bolsa Família, as payment is made according to the transfer already determined by the program, the calendar follows the same. The cash release schedule is based on the final digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS).

Check the date of transfer of the fifth, sixth and seventh installments to those who are on Bolsa Família:

NIS end 1 – August 18, September 17, and October 18;
NIS finals 2 – August 19, September 20 and October 19;
NIS finals 3 – 20 August, 21 September and 20 October;
NIS Final 4 – August 23, September 22, and October 21;
NIS Finals 5th – 24th August, 23rd September and 22nd October;
NIS finals 6th – 25th August, 24th September and 25th October;
NIS end 7 – 26 August, 27 September and 26 October;
NIS Finals 8th – 27th August, 28th September and 27th October;
NIS end 9-30 August, 29 September and 28 October;
NIS end 10 – 31 August, 30 September and 29 October.

reduced benefit

The increase in the value of emergency aid is one of the demands of the demonstrations that have been taking place in the country for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro. In 2021, the benefit began to be paid on April 6, limited to only one person per family. Values ​​were reduced from R$600 to R$1,200 to an average of R$250 compared to last year. On July 5th, the federal government announced the extension of emergency aid until October 2021.

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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