Fall of shootings in RJ with the death of a militiaman

The death of militiaman Wellington da Silva Braga, known as Ecko, on June 12 led to a reduction in the number of shootings in neighborhoods in the north and west of Rio de Janeiro. A survey by Instituto Fogo Cruzado and Pista News shows that in the last three months the drop was 34%.

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In neighborhoods in the north of the state capital, such as Quintino Bocaiúva, Cascadura, Madureira, Campinho and Água Santa, locations close to Praça Seca, in the west of Rio, together, there were 33 shootings in the period: 40% less than in the previous period. to Ecko’s death on June 12 (55).

The drop in shootings countered the initial intense movement after Ecko’s death. Less than 24 hours after his death, Danilo Dias Lima, known as Tandera, began to put into practice the plan to invade one of the areas that was controlled by his rival. More than 100 men linked to Tandera invaded Manguariba, in Paciencia, on the west side.

Ecko and Tandera were partners until December 2020, when they broke up.

“Breaking this alliance brought areas where Ecko and Tandera had partnerships under dispute. There is also the fact of what the Patience/Three Bridges area represents: there is the cradle of the Ecko militia, the central, where there may be, for example, more weapons to be conquered. In addition to the area, which is strategic and symbolic”, explains Cecília Olliveira, from Instituto Fogo Cruzado.

false peace

Cecília Olliveira explains that, despite the drop in these numbers leading to a false conclusion of a return to security in these regions, the current moment is not one of peace.

“The movement of criminal actions is cyclical. In 2018, despite the federal military intervention in Rio’s security, it was the peak year in the number of shootings in Greater Rio. That was a year where the groups reorganized. This is false peace. Since, for example, the number of homicides drops, but the number of disappearances increases”, concludes Cecília.

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In these three months since what was said to be the beginning of long disputes, few neighborhoods known to have the presence of militia had an increase in shootings.

Realengo, Santíssimo, Santa Cruz and Paciencia, former strongholds of Ecko, were some of the few neighborhoods where the number of shootings increased, albeit modestly. Realengo increased from 27 to 28 shootouts, Santíssimo from 2 to 3 shootouts, Santa Cruz jumped from 7 to 14 records, and Patience from 2 to 6 records. It was in the Três Pontes favela, in Paciencia, where Ecko was captured and killed in a Civil Police operation.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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