Federal District Attorney Denounces Criminal Police

The Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories filed a complaint against four penal police officers, from the Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration (Seape). The document was received by the Federal District Court last Tuesday (31). The Center for Control and Inspection of the Prison System (Nupri) of the MP, accuses the agents of assaulting an inmate at the Complexo da Papuda.

In Nupri’s complaint, the attacks took place on April 16 this year, after a fight between inmates. The agents were filmed by security cameras assaulting one of the detainees who was involved in the riot. The images, according to the MP, show that the servers carried out the attacks even after the prisoner started to obey the orders of the penal police. The material shows the application of kicks and baton strikes.

The attacks resulted in injuries that were detected in an examination carried out by the Legal Medical Institute (IML), linked to the Civil Police of the Federal District.

The MP also found that there was a shot from a 12-caliber gun – with less lethal ammunition – inside the cell.

“Although the projectile did not hit anyone, the accused put everyone who was there at concrete risk, as a result of the shot he fired. The targeted site is closed and measures about 36 square meters. At that time, the cell was overcrowded and housed 23 prisoners”, pointed out the prosecutors of the document.

One of the four defendants, the chief on duty, had no direct participation in the attack, but was included in the indictment for omission.

“He contributed to the commission of these crimes, as he witnessed the attacks and had the duty to avoid the result, since he was the head of the team on duty and should have prevented his subordinates from arbitrarily using violence against the prisoner , as well as causing him bodily harm. His omission was criminally relevant, as he should and could act to avoid the result”, points out the complaint.

In relation to one of the defendants, the MP asked to maintain the removal of activities until the conclusion of the process, as he was identified as the most violent in the situation.

“Their presence in the prison system jeopardizes the instruction, as it would have access to the victim and witnesses, with the risk of compromising the testimony they will give in court”

On August 25, the MP and the DF Public Defender’s Office sent a recommendation to Seape for the installation of camera circuits in all prison units, in addition to the use of body cameras in all agents. The Secretariat has a two-month deadline to present a timetable for implementing the recommendation.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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