Federal District Chamber approves R$ 100 gas voucher with

The Legislative Chamber of the Federal District approved the Bill that creates the Gas Card, in a vote in which the opposition to the government was victorious.

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The legislation approved in the second round of voting, and which is now going to be sanctioned by Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), will grant R$ 100 every two months to families whose monthly income per capita is up to half the minimum wage.

In addition to the income criterion, a series of other requirements must be met to obtain this aid: declare income commitment with the purchase of cooking gas; reside in DF; not being on the streets or in collective institutional care; the responsible family member is 16 years of age or older. Finally, it is also necessary to be registered in the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs.

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This last criterion was the subject of controversy. The original text of the proposal required that in addition to the application, it was also up to date. Opposition parliamentarians, however, stressed that the lack of updating of the District Single Registry is the result of the government’s omission, not the citizens’. The position, presented in an amendment, was victorious.

Deputy Fábio Felix (PSOL) defended the amendment to the original text, pointing out that many people would be harmed by the requirement. Deputy Arlete Sampaio (PT) recalled that the last time the registration was updated was when she was secretary of Social Assistance, in 2012.

In discussions on the bill, they also defended the amendment that overturned the requirement to update deputies Leandro Grass (Rede) and Chico Vigilante (PT).

*With information from the Federal District Legislative Agency.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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