Federal District deputies approve R$ 100 million subsidy for

The Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF) accepted the Executive’s Bill No. 2,057/2021 and approved on Tuesday (31), during an ordinary session of the House, a supplementary contribution of R$ 100 million to the District’s public transport concessionaires Federal. The text is awaiting sanction from Governor Ibaneis Rocha.

According to the project, the resources will be reverted to the “financial balance of the system”. The government caucus justified the need for supplementation due to the drop in revenue for companies due to the reduction in passengers during the pandemic.

Congressman Fábio Félix (PSOL), contrary to the transfer to companies, pointed out that “R$ 100 million are for bus companies to provide a shameful service to the population. I voted against it because it is unacceptable that they receive a bonus when they refuse even to sanitize buses in the pandemic. We need to open the black box for public transport in the DF”.

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On social networks, the district recalled that “this is not the first time that such aid has been approved by the Casa this year. Unfortunately, one more maneuver, without any accountability, was made to benefit the sector”, he published. In June, CLDF had already approved the sending of R$ 101 million to public transport companies.

In the assessment of Deputy Leandro Grass (Rede), the level of transparency to define whether the amount transferred by the GDF to companies corresponds to reality is precarious. He also informed that this year, more than R$700 million in ticket subsidies and maintenance of financial balance have already been transferred to companies.

This Wednesday (1st), the ordinary session of the Legislative Chamber was transformed into a General Committee to debate the situation of public transport in the DF. The debate, suggested by deputy Chico Vigilante (PT), took place in the plenary of the CLDF, with the participation of representatives of highway workers, businessmen and the government.

João Osório, director of the Sindicato dos Rodoviários, defended the transfer of the supplementary budget. For him, the resource reverted during the pandemic “was very well used” and guaranteed workers the maintenance of jobs and rights in the category. Defender of the project, Deputy Hermeto (MDB), pointed out that the supplement is necessary for the payment of bus workers.

With the questions about the data presented by the companies, deputy Chico Vigilante (PT) proposed that the Transport Secretariat should monthly expose data with values ​​and numbers of transported passengers, including the paying public and gratuities.

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Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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