Federal government bought inappropriate masks for twice as much

The federal government paid R$8.65 for each unit of the KN95 mask, considered unsuitable for health professionals. The amount is 141% higher than the unit price paid for the PFF2 model, one of the most effective in protecting against coronavirus.

When purchasing PFF2, the contract signed directly with the manufacturer, 3M do Brasil, provided for a cost of R$ 3.59 per unit. The information is from the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

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The contract that provided for the purchase of 500,000 units of PFF2 was omitted from the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), which is investigating the purchase of irregular protective equipment during the pandemic. The information was only provided after much insistence by the federal agency.

By hiding the negotiation, the Executive made it difficult for the two prices to be compared, making it impossible to reach the conclusion that the ineffective masks cost more than twice the effective ones.

The two acquisitions were signed by the then director of the Health Logistics Department, Roberto Ferreira Dias, who was fired after being denounced for charging a bribe of US$ 1 per dose in the purchase of vaccines against covid-19.

Also according to Folha, Dias sent a table of contracts to the MPF that made no mention of the acquisition of the PFF2 masks, which are more appropriate for use.

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Both purchases were made during the administration of former Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta, who was fired by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) in April of last year.

The deal with 3M, signed on March 12, 2020, totaled R$ 1.79 million. The purchase of KN95 models – acquired from a Hong Kong company – was included in a contract worth R$ 691.7 million, which also provided for the acquisition of surgical masks. Half of this amount refers to the purchase of ineffective equipment.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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