Federal Police seize R$505,000 in cash with the mayor

The mayor of Cerro Grande do Sul, Gilmar João Alba (PSL), known as “Gringo Loco”, was caught by the Federal Police at Congonhas airport with several cardboard boxes full of cash in his hand luggage last Thursday. fair (26). He informed that he would be taking R$1.4 million, but the PF confirmed and said he had only R$505,000. What was not reported was the origin of the money.

Carrying cash across the country is not a crime, but failing to inform the origin of the paper money can constitute money laundering. A fanatic Bolsonarist, Gringo Loco was on a chartered flight bound for Brasília, where next Tuesday (7) there will be a demonstration with coup agendas that will ask, among other things, for the closure of the Supreme Court.

He was elected with just over two thousand votes to administer the city, which has about 12 thousand inhabitants and is 117 kilometers from the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. According to a note from the PF, “the money was learned in cardboard boxes located through x-rays during the inspection of the cargo”.

Due to the doubt about the lawful origin of the cash, the amount was seized by the Federal Police. An investigation was opened to investigate possible irregularities.

Gringo Loco owns a tobacco company in Cerro Grande do Sul and has always supported strike movements by truck drivers.

On the company’s website there is a comment posted a year ago by Miguel Santos, which says: “Congratulations to the owner of this company who made a donation of 5 thousand reais today on 4/5/2020 to buy lunchboxes for truckers who cannot stop, this should be done by the federal and state government, I was a truck driver and today I am unable to to exercise the profession for health problems may God greatly bless you crazy gringo….”

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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