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In Rio Grande do Sul, Carris workers carry out a new strike, this Thursday (2), in protest against the company’s privatization project, the end of the collector’s function and changes in tariff exemptions. The protest was decided after the holding of three assemblies, given the lack of nod by Mayor Sebastião Melo (MDB) to the request for more time for workers to show the feasibility of the public transport company in Porto Alegre and the non-withdrawal of the project. City Council.

“We will mobilize in defense of the public Carris, the maintenance of the collector and for quality transport for the entire population of Porto Alegre. We count on the collaboration and support of all of you, as we will have 65% of our fleet operating so as not to leave the population completely unattended, as we know the importance of transport for everyone”, explains Rosangela Pires, conductor and one of the representatives of Carris employees. Ax.

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As Rosangela highlights, when private companies stopped serving the population of the Capital, it was Carris that made the unassisted lines. “We will leave with mourning banners signaling the possible death of Carris”, he points out.

Last Wednesday (25), at a virtual general meeting of Companhia Carris Porto-Alegrense, the mayor of Porto Alegre Sebastião Melo stated that privatization is necessary, and that with the money that comes from it, the city hall can allocate a tapa operation to daycare centers. hole, tree pruning and social issue. Still, as the mayor stressed, it is not the role of the city of Porto Alegre to have a public bus company. “Our role is to have public health and safety. Carris is a 149-year-old company that costs 21% more than any private consortium in the city. In the last ten years, more than R$ 500 million were invested to transport only 22.8% of the city’s passengers,” he said.

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In an interview with BdFRS, responding to the mayor’s position, Rosangela countered by saying that “it is the duty of the city, of the municipality, to offer quality transport to the population”. For her, Melo does not want to invest in public companies, where the money is invested in quality for the population, but wants to invest money in private companies.

For the driver and also a representative of the employees’ committee, Marcelo Weber, the mobilization aims to bring the debate to public opinion and alert councilors about the privatization or not of Carris. “It is you from the population who will decide this in the City Council”, he points out.

Weber explains that all Carris cars that are circulating tomorrow will have a black stripe symbolizing the mourning for the company’s possible extinction. “Let’s not let this happen. We will mobilize to show the people of Porto Alegre what is happening with public transport. Without Carris, everything could end and get worse, as we see in the cities around the Capital”, he concludes.

Allied base cheats agreement and puts the end of collectors to a vote

Carris’ privatization project was approved by the Chamber’s Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) and is ready to be voted on in plenary. Carris workers are permanently mobilizing in the municipal parliament. On this Wednesday afternoon, councilors from the government’s allied base put on the agenda the project to remove the collectors, not complying with what had been agreed at the leaders’ meeting.

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Company workers who tried to demonstrate were received with pepper spray, informed the office of councilwoman Bruna Rodrigues (PCdoB). The request to put the project to vote was forwarded by councilor commander Nádia Rodrigues Silveira Gerhard (DEM).

“The brutality has become routine in this house, the brutality that is justified in the removal of workers’ rights. I think that the 11:00 meeting, on Wednesdays, of the college of leaders no longer makes sense, if every week we have a meeting on the agenda of this house and then a request will come to this parliament to run over the debates in the city. Unfortunately this is the weekly practice. We are talking about more than three thousand families who have lost their jobs. The only thing that sensitizes us here is the cries of the bus managers”, highlights councilwoman Laura Sito (PT).

For the parliamentarian, simply the fact that she is debating the issue by request, in a trampled way, shows the perverse intention of the project. “This project needs to be discussed with society and not cash.”

For councilor Bruna Rodrigues (PCdoB), instead of debating the extinction of Carris and the collectors, the municipal Executive should be dedicated to building solutions and solutions for the people of the city, “who live a very great drama, which goes through the deepening of poverty, which has faced hunger every day”.

She also denounced the harassment suffered during the session. According to Bruna, councilor Alexandre Bobadra (PSL) would have said that she would be horny for him. “This parliament should have an ethics committee, teach these councilors who think they can do anything that isn’t exactly that way. I have always respected and have respect for my colleagues, including those who are not part of the opposition base. I will not accept such disrespect at any time. Alderman elected as I should behave. It’s not just apologizing, you’ll need to have efficient measures in this house. Why am I a woman I need to be disrespected all the time?”, she asked.

On behalf of the (PSOL), councilor Matheus Gomes supported Councilor Bruna’s complaint, criticizing the councilor for having brought a “scene of political violence, sexist into the discussion of the house”. He also criticized the government base’s “anything goes” to end workers’ rights. “It’s worth disrespecting the agreement established at the meetings, it’s worth disrespecting the morale of a councilor, it’s worth disrespecting the Brazilian flag.”

The congressman stated that the mayor does not have a project for public transport for the city. “What he is represented is the destruction of rights, the precariousness of what is already very bad. He wants to privatize Carris instead of opening the ATP (Porto Alegre Passenger Transport Association) black box. The extinction of collectors will deepen unemployment”, he emphasized.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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