Fiocruz: RJ has 96% of ICU beds occupied for covid-19

The latest extraordinary edition of the Covid-19 Observatory Bulletin released on Wednesday (25) by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) points out that the city of Rio de Janeiro maintains 96% the occupation of ICU beds for covid-19 in the System Health Service (SUS). According to the report, the rate is at a critical level and is the highest among capitals. Data were obtained on Monday (23).

According to the study, some factors could make the situation in the city more complicated in the coming weeks, including the high number of elderly people, the fall in the effectiveness of the vaccine after more than six months and the increased circulation of the Delta variant in the city. .

“The hypothesis that immunized patients, although predominantly elderly, require hospitalization, but without the need for intensive care, is also not ruled out. It is essential to follow the trend in the coming weeks, as the Delta variant, which is already highly prevalent in Rio de Janeiro, may change the situation. In addition, the fact that the state, especially the capital, has a significant elderly population, for which the initial benefit of vaccination, which occurred between January and February, may be decreasing, due to the characteristics of this group”, highlights the Fiocruz bulletin.

The state of Rio de Janeiro is in the intermediate alert zone with a bed occupancy rate of 69%, just behind Roraima, which leads the survey with 84% of ICU admissions for covid-19 in the country.

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According to Fiocruz, over the last Epidemiological Week (SE), from 15 to 21 August, the trend of reducing the number of deaths in the country was maintained, which decreases at a rate of 1.5% per day. At the moment, the average is 770 deaths per day. The daily average of cases stands at 30,000 confirmed cases each day, which can still be considered a worrying figure.


Given the advance of the Delta variant across the country, the Foundation reinforces the recommendation to use masks both indoors and outdoors, but with greater concentration and agglomeration of people and suggests that vaccinated people use a mask if they share homes and environments with people with high risk of evolving to severe covid-19 conditions, such as the elderly, immunosuppressed and people with coborbidities, as well as people who have not yet been vaccinated.

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According to Fiocruz, the suggestion, for people at high risk of developing severe covid-19, is to maintain protective measures, such as the use of masks and physical distance, regardless of whether they are vaccinated.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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