Fires and dry weather punish the DF; forecast is rain in

The Federal District registered this week the hottest temperature of the year: 37.1º this Tuesday (21), according to measurements by the meteorological station of Águas Emendadas, in the region of Planaltina.

The highly dry weather, with relative air humidity reaching close to 10%, combined with the high temperatures, makes the climate of the country’s capital almost inhospitable for those who venture out, especially between 11:00 and 17:00.

“Now is the transition period from winter to early spring, we are at the peak of high temperatures in the DF. Generally, the month of October is the one that records the hottest days historically. We are receiving intense solar radiation, with very little cloudiness, for we are still in a dry period, so this radiation falls directly on the surface and we have these temperature records”, explains meteorologist Naiane Araújo, from the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet).

According to her, September and October tend to register hotter days than in summer (which starts in December), when there are more clouds and the volume of rain is much greater.

“Rain acts as a thermoregulator, that is, a temperature regulator.” The highest temperature in the DF was recorded on October 9, last year, at 37.8º C, also by the Águas Emendadas station.

This time also registers the largest number of forest fires in the region. A survey by the Brasília Environmental Institute (Ibram), which monitors fires in parks and conservation units in the DF, shows that, up to September 15, 110 fires had been reported, a number slightly above the historical average.

The number is still lower than the 163 outbreaks registered in August, but as only the first 15 days of September were registered, the trend is for this month to surpass the previous one.

In terms of the area affected, the fires that took place in the first half of September covered an area of ​​787.2 hectares, which is equivalent to 787 soccer fields, surpassing, by far, all the previous months.

rain forecast

Long awaited by Brasilienses, the rain should finally give the air of grace in the coming days. The Inmet predicts blows isolated in some regions of the capital this Thursday (23). There is no estimate of the volume of rain, but it should continue throughout the weekend, giving some refreshment.

“There will be a relief, with a still high temperature, in the range of 30º C, but much lower than what we are seeing now, which reached 37º C. The main thing is an improvement in the relative humidity of the air, which will increase and favor formation of areas of instability for more rain,” says Naiane Araújo, from Inmet.

Despite the relief, explains the meteorologist, this new season, spring, which officially begins this Wednesday (22), has a hybrid characteristic, with rainy days typical of summer, and others with very dry weather and high temperatures.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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