First-time mother diary: 3 months!

Hello girls!

Olivia completed 3 months of life on 11/11 !!! And I have to repeat the phrase “how time has flown”, it is so incredible to think that I was in the maternity hospital the other day looking forward to your arrival! In those almost 100 days it has happened soooo much, everything is so intense and when I look at the clock it is already 5 o’clock in the afternoon and I did not do anything for me. LOL

When I chose to become a full time mother and not have help, I already imagined how much I would have to dedicate myself, taking care of a baby without help is not easy, this is because Olivia is super calm, but even so, how these mini beings occupy our time and demand! I am very happy and fulfilled as a mother, but in those 3 months I “forgot about myself”, I never thought I would go weeks without doing my nails, days and days without leaving the house, updating the wardrobe and shopping trips to those little shops , no way! But anyway, I know it is a temporary situation and for an excellent reason, I also know that when I finish I will miss you, I am enjoying motherhood intensely, as much as I can!

I never imagined myself as a mother like that, but due to my personal characteristics, I should have already foreseen that I would head into my mother moment, I am very “caregiver”, and I have the enormous defect of thinking that only I will do it right, you know? I am one of those who prefer to assume everything (to do it my way) than to delegate, this is complicated and I know that I need to improve, having to be like that in all sectors of my life. I do not judge in any way who is different from me, girls !!! Most of my friends have help and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, I think each one has to adapt in the way that works best for them. In fact, after I became a mother, I started to understand other mothers better, and I learned that we should never judge their actions, each baby is different, each house has its rhythm and routine, each couple has their own way … the important thing is to do what you want. makes you happy and what is best for your baby, there is no point in forcing yourself into a life as a mother 24/7 if it doesn’t bring you happiness, which obviously doesn’t mean loving less, we can only give love and spend quality time with our children if we are well with ourselves! So ask for help – professional or family members – and be HAPPY !!!

But, let me out, let’s talk about the routine with a 3-month-old baby! Olivia thanks to God she is great, healthy, beautiful, cheerful, smart… I am so proud of my little one. Each day is a novelty, she was approaching 3 months and the giggles, noises and delicious “conversations” started to emerge. I was very impressed as everything evolves quickly, they learn a lot in such a short time!

From what I’ve read, it is essential that babies have a routine, they feel safer that way. They should have time to eat, play and sleep, preferably in that order (but as I said, each one is different, the important thing is to know and respect your baby).

As a first-time mother, totally inexperienced with children, I found myself with a great concern about how I should stimulate my baby, so I talk to my pediatrician and read a lot – books, blogs, articles in specialized magazines, in short, I go out looking for information to try play my part in the best way, but doubts and insecurities end up appearing, and like a good drama queen that I am, I have my days of “am I being a good mother and doing what is best for her”? Hahahaha

Well, for moms who are also concerned with this part of stimulation and entertainment, I’m going to talk here about some little things that I have been practicing with Olivia and that I think it’s cool to share with you.

– Daily exercises with the baby face down (3 minutes or more, 3 or more times a day), important for the strengthening of the neck and for the baby to get used to the position to crawl, I started doing this with 2 months and I am increasing the time gradually. Olivia did not like this position very much, today she already likes it a little, but the pediatrician has already told me that it is important to insist, the trick is to put toys in front of you and get your attention, so she gets distracted and complains less. There are also these activity pads that are very good.


I have this half moon Olivia loves it, my goddaughter has the roll and she loves it too!

– Another interesting thing is to leave the child in a car seat (with a slight recline) for a few hours a day to see things from another angle and also to strengthen the neck. I bought a chair like this that trembles, I don’t even use this function, I just put it “seated” and hang some toys to distract it.


– I also stimulate you throughout the day with toys and sounds that catch your eye. She starts to follow with her eyes and is also attentive to sounds, very cool to see this development.

In fact, I do a real circuit with her during the day! LOL

It was the way I found to diversify the activities as much as possible and distract them, because as they grow up they also stay awake longer and require more interaction, right ?! In my office (home office) I leave her rug of activities and in the morning, in general, she stays there beside me playing while I manage to do something else on the computer, and so we will manage.


Slide4My princess having fun!

Girls, I think I already wrote too much for today, but it was time that I didn’t update you! Leave here in the comments questions, doubts, tips and suggestions, ok ?! As always, it will be a pleasure to exchange ideas with you! ????

Bjsss Tati and baby Olivia.

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