First trans ombudsman elected in PR: “I want to give

Karollyne Nascimento, 47 years old, trans woman, was elected Ombudsman of the Public Defender of Paraná for the 2021/2023 term. She is the first trans woman to be elected to this position. The popular and black movement leader Andreia Lima and the lawyer Eliza Ferreira also competed for the position. During the election (broadcast via YouTube), the candidates had the opportunity to tell about their trajectories with popular movements, in addition to answering questions raised by the councilors about their proposals.

Karollyne’s trajectory is marked by her strong action in favor of the rights of transvestites and transsexuals. From 2018 to 2021, she was the general coordinator of Transgrupo Marcela Prado. To Brazil de Facto Paraná, she said that it was in this entity that she expanded relations and began to take an interest in working with the Public Defender’s Office. “Within this institution, I had the opportunity to participate in various spaces for representations and discussions of various movements with which I now have great proximity and good communication”, said Karollyne.

Along the way, Karollyne was involved in the struggle to be able to implement a trans outpatient clinic at the Hospital de Clinicas. “My approach to the Public Defender’s Office took place through discussions to guarantee the clinic. Since then, I have remained in contact with the Public Defender’s Office for other projects”, he said.

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For her, running for the position of Ombudsman at the Public Defender’s Office also aimed to give visibility to the specific struggles of the trans and transvestite population. “I decided to apply to join the struggle of women and also give visibility to the population I belong to, who never imagined being able to occupy such a space. I intend, in partnership with social movements, civil society and the defense structure, to guarantee service to the most vulnerable public and guarantee their rights”, he explained.

The elected ombudsman emphasizes that she knows that there are also problems to be faced. “The Public Defender’s Office has a relevant role in terms of access to justice, being a very important body, especially for the low-income population. to the public,” argued Karollyne

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Human Rights activist, Karollyne Nascimento was also a member of the Permanent Council for Human Rights of Paraná (COPED), representing the Transgrupo Marcela Prado, she is Municipal Health Councilor, Municipal Councilor for Women’s Rights, consultative member of the CDSG/OAB, consultative member of the CEVIGE/OAB, member of Sejuf’s LGBTI Committee, member of SESP’s LGBTQI WG and member of the World March of Women, in addition to acting in the group Desencarcerar PR and Pastoral Carcerária.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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